Secrets of a casino: How to find a “generous” slot machine


Perhaps no gambler would not want to hit the jackpot on the very first slot he chooses. Unfortunately, slot machines do not have payout statistics, such as in online poker, otherwise one could easily say how “stingy” or “generous” this or that device is. Since you can’t travel and visit gambling clubs at the time of quarantine, you can quench your thirst for gambling by visiting

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Now back to the point. How do you know which slot to play, and which is better to avoid? There are several ways to determine this.

Location of “generous” slot machines

In gaming establishments, special attention is paid to the placement of gaming machines, especially where to put “generous” machines, and was “stingy”. Almost always, the most winning slot machines were located in places with high traffic — this is the front entrance zone and the main halls between the rows of machines. The main argument in favor of this arrangement is simple — a generous machine, with lights and sounds, notifying everyone around that they just won it, will attract the maximum number of players to the gambling entertainment inside of the club.

But the approach has changed a bit. Today, casino managers install the most “generous” devices in well visible places. The essence of such a placement is that people playing on neighboring slot machines unwittingly become witnesses to the winnings that the “generous” slot gives out. This motivates everyone around to continue their own game and gives hope that the next jackpot will be won on their machine. Thus, there is a high probability of the location of the winning slots next to the cash registers and exchange booths, in the central part of the gaming hall, which is visible from all angles.

The most “generous” slot machines are also installed among the first three devices in a row (from any edge), and rarely in the middle of a row. Therefore, having entered a gaming establishment, do not play at the first slot you saw, evaluate the room, and try to determine where the “generous” device is most likely located.

Another most likely place to place a “money-giving” machine is near a bar or restaurant. This is done by the managers of the institution so that the player is not too keen on coffee drinking and other activities that do not generate income for the gambling club.

But remember! Next to the “generous” slots are always “greedy” ones. Of course, in appearance, they will be the same. This is done mainly to catch gamblers who are used to playing on two slots at the same time.

But where the “greedy” machines usually placed?

In all places where, for whatever reason, a large number of visitors accumulate – the waiting rooms, all kinds of lines – always have “greedy” machines. Why? It’s simple: people who are on standby are more likely to be included in the gameplay, so to speak, play to kill time. At the same time, they don’t count on any kind of winnings, it’s important for them to just pass a minute or two.

If you saw a slot machine, which is not located in a gambling establishment, but, for example, in some store, bar, airport, you should know that this slot is very “greedy.” To play it means to be guaranteed to remain in the red.

We hope you find our tips useful. Good luck and big wins!


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