5 Great Things About These Custom Toyota Hilux Rock Sliders


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The Toyota Hilux rock sliders are custom side steps that are designed from quality materials for a perfect fit on your 4×4, giving you the protection that you need no matter where you go. There are plenty of features to love about these sliders. For the biggest selling points, keep reading.

Unique Underbody Mount

These sliders are engineered and designed to be mounted to the underbody, offering a more secure mount and easy access to the cabin. Plus, there is more protection across the bottom of the truck due to the mounting style, giving you the peace of mind that you are buying the best steps for your truck every single time.

Checker-Plate Traction Design

Side steps are no good if you can’t stand on them when you need to. These feature a helpful checker-plate design that offers traction for stability in even the slipperiest conditions. Whether you’re getting in or out, and whether you’re in a parking lot or on the side of a cliff, you can trust that you will always have sure footing with these rock sliders.

Protection from Rocks and Other Obstacles

The height clearance on these rock sliders allows them to offer protection from a variety of obstacles, including rocks and high ground. The durable powder coating and high-tensile steel work together to protect the steps themselves from damage and keep your 4×4 protected, as well. If these aren’t offering any protection, they’re not doing their job.

Complete Fitting Kit Included

Don’t worry about installation when you choose these rock sliders, because they come complete with all of the fitting hardware and pieces that you need. You’ll never have to go get extra parts or try to “make it work” because everything comes in the box, ready to go. It has never been easier to upgrade your 4×4 with quality rock sliders.

Two-Year Warranty

What’s better than having extra protection for your protection? These Toyota Hilux rock sliders come with a two-year warrant to protect you from anything that could possibly go wrong. When you’re investing in high-quality aftermarket parts like this, you would expect nothing less, though.

The Toyota Hilux Rock Sliders offer plenty of perks, as you can see. Take a minute to check them out for yourself and see what other features you can fall in love with. When you want to protect your 4×4 from anything that comes your way, these sliders are the way to go.


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