The Tech You Need to Shoot Professional Video


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Smartphones have been coming out with increasingly advanced camera quality and even editing software for several years now. In theory, you should be able to whip out your smartphone, record an event, and edit a professional quality video in no time flat. Unfortunately, professional-quality video requires more than what meets the eye. Lighting, direction, connections, and experience also lend an important hand to the quality of a video. Impress your boss, your colleagues, and yourself by learning what technologies and resources are truly necessary for producing professional-quality videos. Leave your ego behind and get ready to put in some serious man-hours, but only if you want your video to be as good as possible.

Creating a Vision for Your Professional Grade Video

Whether you know exactly what you want your video to look like or are completely open to suggestions, there needs to be a concrete vision set before any filming commences. Whether you have your own storyboards, have written up a script, or already know who is going to appear in your video, the goal is to know how everything is going to flow in advance. Set locations can get very chaotic at times, so all parties involved have to know where they need to be, and what they should be doing.

Resources for Professional Video

The most important resource for any guy looking to shoot excellent quality video is a professional level production team. Perhaps you have a frat brother who works in the film industry or maybe even a co-worker who has connections. The important thing is to use your resources rather than trying to do it with what you have available. There are videographers and even film school students that offer their services, so take your pick of the litter. Your time will be best spent making phone calls and refining your video ideas. So, put down the smartphone and exit out of Final Cut Pro – the real professionals are your best option.

Polishing Professional Videos and Getting the Best End Results

After filming has wrapped up, the video production crew has gone home, and the editing process is complete, the only thing left to do is polish everything up. When you collaborate with professional production companies, your input is key. If you want to change around the opening credits or think that a different type of transition should be used between clips, production companies Boston MA will help you to apply all of the perfect, final, finishing touches. Having the ability to make those last tweaks and changes can really push video quality levels over the top.

Good quality equipment, including cameras, booms, microphones, and professional lighting are some of the technologies needed to produce great videos. You can elect to rent out this type of equipment, but a competent crew is recommended to save time and effort. There are multiple steps involved in creating amazing videos and hiring a professional production company is the very first thing you should do. In the end, the quality of your video is what’s most important.


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