The Ketogenic Diet: A Beginner’s Complete Guide



Eating a proper diet is key to a long and healthy life. And while diet fads come and go, only a handful gain mainstream recognition from medical professionals and fitness experts alike. These days, the ketogenic diet is in the limelight for its supposed effectiveness in weight loss. Even celebrities endorse it and attest to the benefits of adhering to this diet.

What do we know about the ketogenic diet?

The principles of the Ketogenic diet are simple. Similar to Atkins which was popular several years ago, it is a high-fat and very low-carb diet. You will essentially replace carbohydrates with fat so that your body adopts a new metabolic state known as ketosis. When your body is in ketosis, it becomes quite efficient in burning fat – which also helps regulate blood sugar levels.

Is going on a keto diet convenient?

One of the main concerns of people considering a keto diet is convenience. Since you are following a strict requirement to eat fewer carbs and more fat, there are recommended and prohibited foods that will ensure your success. For a person who is always on the go, a perfect solution would be to try keto-friendly recipes from a meal delivery service. You will get to choose from a wide array of meals and ingredients without having to worry about going to the store.

Another option would be to commit to a meal prep plan where you cook food ahead of time. It helps when all the ingredients are ready so that you are not tempted to substitute meals with non-keto-friendly substitutes.

Different types of a keto diet

Unlike other types of diet, a ketogenic diet has several versions. These are:

• Standard – usually consists of 75% fat and only 5% carbohydrates. The rest consists of protein.
• Cyclical – the diet involves carb feeding cycles. For instance, you can adhere to a low-carb diet for five days and are allowed to eat more carbs for two days.
• Targeted – in this type of diet, you can eat more carbs right after an intensive workout.
• High-protein – similar to a standard keto diet plan but protein intake is increased to about 35%.

It is essential to understand that not every type of keto diet is supported by extensive studies. To err on the safe side, only standard and high-protein are supported by research.

Is a keto diet effective for weight loss?

One of the reasons why many people swear by the effectiveness of a keto diet in weight loss is that you need not starve yourself to see the results. Since you are replacing carbs with high-fat foods, you feel full for longer and have fewer cravings.

The metabolic process called ketosis is responsible for producing ketones that your body uses as an energy source. Unlike carbohydrates, ketones are more efficiently used by your organs, especially your brain. That is why many people claim that going on a keto diet also improves their brain function.

Final thoughts

A ketogenic lifestyle is known to have plenty of health benefits. In addition to weight loss, it also helps you maintain normal blood sugar levels. Nevertheless, before going on any strict diet, make sure that you consult a health professional so that you can find the most appropriate approach especially if you suffer from any chronic condition.


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