Which Products Should I Use After My Hair Transplant?


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People without hair loss really value the importance of a good hairline to their faces, making them value their noses, eyes, lips, and teeth, etc. better. A bold head without a hairline is like a picture without frames. This is why men who are challenged with balding favour hairstyles spread their hair over their forehead to provide their faces a sort of framing at the top and at the temples. This manipulation allows the face to appear comelier than an empty bald head. But instead of disguising the hair every now and then, with one hair transplant, you can cast your bald away easily for a better look that compliments your age, attractiveness, suitability as a mate, and even your health. However, there are a number of hair transplant aftercare tips that one must heed in order to nurture the best hair result.

Turkey’s medical centres offer high-quality hair transplant services performed by well-trained and experienced surgeons that follow you all the way up from surgery to recovery. Having your hair transplant in Turkey is a great experience for your medical trip allows you the opportunity to have a great vacation at a lesser cost than in other places like India, the UK, and the US.

The most employed hair transplant method is the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), which involves harvesting a thin strip of hair from the back or sides of the scalp and transplanting them into the balding area in groups of 1-4 hairs while the area where the strip was taken from is sewn closed. This way, the new hair looks natural and undetectable. The hair from above the incision covers the area so that it is not visible.

Aftercare Tips For Hair Transplant

Wash the Hair From 1-2 Days After the Operation

In Turkey, after the operation, you will be given special shampoo and lotion with the instruction to wash your hair with them after 1-2 days of the operation. This removes scabs and supports healing, and should be kept on for 14 days.

Use Medication

There are some minor complications that attend a hair transplant like swelling of the scalp, bleeding, itching, crust formation on the scalp where hair was removed or implanted. In Turkey, medications, antibiotics, vitamins, and supplements, painkillers, etc. are provided to resolve these.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is essential. A patient is required to drink plenty of water as it contains essential minerals, which will stop the skin from going dry in order to create a firm hold of the hair grafts. This would allow for fuller growth of the transplanted hair.

Limit the Gym for the First Month

During post-surgery recovery, your hair follicles need your blood pressure and heart rate to be unworked. Gym activities that stress you must be avoided so as not to fuel the risk of swelling, which can hamper hair growth.

Avoid Swimming or Sauna

These are other activities that cause stress to the body and are harmful to the scalp. Also, swimming pools contain chlorine, which is harmful to hair and scalp.

Exercise Patience

This is a tip that doesn’t require doing anything in particular but just allowing the transplanted hair to grow with time. FUT allows your hair to grow like your natural hair because it’s your hair.


Foods that are rich in protein are very great at strengthening and hair growth. You should incorporate foods like soy, lentils, tuna, and eggs. And most especially, stay away from junk.

Sleep with Your Head Elevated

This position is less stressful and offers some comfort that would support hair growth. Also, at all costs, you must avoid the sun’s UV rays.

Avoid Smoking

At all costs, you must avoid smoking for at least seven days as well as nicotine, alcohol, caffeinated, or energy drinks, too.

Avoid Burdening the Head

You should totally avoid styling products for the first 3 months as wax, except the shampoo and lotion products given. Also, avoid items that pull over the head. So keep off from headgears completely as well as clothes with thin necks that can rub against your head while coming off. Instead, button-up shirts are recommended.

In Turkey, the surgeons are very dedicated to performing solid procedures that will leave you feeling good about your appearance at an offer that is four times cheaper than in the UK and US. Here, after your surgery, you get a chance to give yourself an affordable vacation treat while allowing your renewed head recuperate fully.


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