Best Places to Visit in Europe for Real Gambling


Europe has a lot to offer to those who seek the excitement of gambling – the first casinos were built in Europe, and some of the best casinos in the world are there. There are numerous places which you could visit in Europe, where you could have a spectacular gambling experience.

Gambling regulations vary from country to country. Although casinos are heavily taxed & regulated in general, the gambling industry is blooming in Europe.

Here are some of the top gambling destinations in Europe:

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo casino

Monte Carlo is home to the world-famous Casino De Monte-Carlo, an impressive gambling & entertainment complex on the French Riviera, which features not only a casino, but also an opera. It was opened in 1863 and has one of the best sets of table games in Europe. In Monaco, there are 3 other casinos, Casino Café de Paris, Sun Casino and the Monte-Carlo Bay Casino, all of them spectacular in their own way, as you can see on the website of SBM, the company who owns them. Monaco attracts a wealthy crowd and has numerous high-end restaurants, posh bars, spas and sports clubs.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam casino

Amsterdam is famous for plenty of different things (such as its coffeeshops and its Red Light District), and you’re probably not thinking of casinos when you think about Amsterdam – but it has a lot to offer when it comes to gambling, too. Its 12 casinos are all in and around the Central train station, and have a total of 10 poker tables, more than a hundred table games, and around 700 slot machines. There’s also a number of online casinos operating in the Netherlands.

London, UK


In London, there’s plenty to do – it’s truly one of the most famous tourist destinations, you don’t risk getting bored. On top of that, however, there are a number of casinos (24 in total), from spectacular to more modest & cheaper ones. Among them, some of the most famous ones are The Hippodrome Casino, the Empire Casino and The Ritz Club Casino. London features around a hundred live poker tables, too, so if you are into poker, you will definitely enjoy yourself.

It’s not yet clear how Brexit will impact the gambling industry, but the effects might not be all positive, as discussed in one of our recent articles.

Paris, France


You’re probably not thinking of Paris as a gambling destination, but more of a place to have a croissant before your morning museum visit or your stroll along the Seine river – but it also offers very good gambling opportunities, on top of the spectacular cultural sites and romantic places. Most gambling in Paris is poker-centered, and some of the fanciest poker rooms in the world are in Paris.

Additionally, from Paris you could hop on the fast train to Cannes, where there are 3 posh casinos, such as 2.13 Casino and the Casino Barriere Les Princes. They are attracting world-famous celebrities around the Film festival of Cannes, and many other high rollers throughout the year.

Vienna, Austria


Vienna is an excellent destination for poker players, and features some of the best poker clubs in Europe. The Concord Card Club has a dense schedule of many tournaments with different prize pools, ranging from a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand euros, and you can consult the list of future tournaments on their website.

Other casinos in the city are more oriented about different kinds of games, such as roulette, slots, and table games, so there’s definitely something for everyone – on top of the magnificent architecture and monuments that you can see in Vienna.

Prague, The Czech Republic


Prague is another gambling destination that has a lot to offer on top of gambling, such as fantastic beer, food and luxurious conditions at moderate prices. It has plenty of casinos in its beautiful center, in which you could enjoy 340+ different slot machines, almost 50 table games and around 20 live tables for poker.


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