A Dinner Party: From Web to Wow


dinner party

Entertaining is a great way to make a great impression on family, friends, and colleagues, but it can be difficult. There is a lot to consider. The venue is usually just at home, but it may take some changes. A deep clean makes a good impression great, and rearranging the furniture may open up some floor space. Some special decorations and a nice dish set will add to the atmosphere. Of course, never forget some music to set the mood. When the occasion calls for it, holiday music will lift everybody’s spirits.

The most important part of a party is the food and drinks, especially since a dinner party or cocktail party is the most likely scenario in adult circles. A brunch may even be the case, but the same rules apply. It is a good thing that there is the internet. It is loaded to the brim with recipes for delicious foods tantalizing cocktails. It only takes a quick search to find them, but with options from all around the world, picking what to make may be the most challenging part.

Start With a Simple Cocktail

It does not take much to get things started. A light drink, such as a spritzer, is a good way to get conversations started. For instance, a bit of seltzer water, and clear liquor, with a pump of orange spritz syrup or lemon makes a low-calorie citrus drink everybody will love. An orange or lemon wedge as a garnish makes the drink feel professionally made.

Practice Makes Perfect

After locating the perfect recipe online, it only makes sense to try making it long before the party comes around. There are a few reasons why that is a good idea. First, and most importantly, is to taste it. There is no way to be sure that it is the right dish for the occasion. A sample run is also a way to check if the dish is easy enough to make and get a sense of the time it takes. If it does not go well the first time, a few sample runs can help get the skill down to make the best version of the dish or dishes on party day.


It is important to pick out a drink to have along with dinner. This could be a cocktail, but since dinner is the most complex party, it is often best to pick a beer or a wine. It is also important to have some soft-drinks on hand, because not everybody enjoys alcohol, and others may need to drive. Which beer or wine, and whether to choose beer or wine, depends on the main dish. A quick search on the internet will reveal the best pairing for the chosen dish. For instance, beef pairs well with a glass of red wine or a stout beer. If the main course is a nice brisket, it would be good to have both chilled to optimal temperature and ready to serve.

A Daring Dessert

Dessert is a great way to shine. Even if the dinner part of the dinner party has less than the best reception, it can all be pulled back together with a great dessert. This is the part of the event that is best for bringing out a fancy and complicated cocktail. It is always great to go out on a high note. Once again, the internet is a great place to find dessert and dessert drink ideas. For instance, peppermint schnapps, some clear liquor, and some chocolate ice cream make a frozen girl scout. It is relatively simple to make but can make a big impression. Dessert can rally come together by serving it with a piece of chocolate cheesecake garnished with a sprig of fresh mint.

A Night to Remember

In honesty, it may take a few attempts to get hosting down to a tee. Fortunately, close friends and family members tend to be forgiving. It is best to use them as test subjects while perfecting the fine details. Just keep in mind that the internet is a friend. It is all of the information in the world at hand. Good planning and practice make it easy to dazzle guests, even those with the highest standards.


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