Best features for a fitness center app


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A fitness center app is a very useful way of expanding your business into the digital market. Also, this is a pretty nice way to make some side-revenue.

However, a fitness application is not something to be done superficially.

It’s basically the digital image of your business, so it must be given some importance. Things such as an intuitive interface, user-friendly design, and a very good structure really count.

Also, the more the features the app has, the better. That way you are keeping the clients always engaged, thus creating customer loyalty, which means a way to further grow your business.

What features an app should have, you may ask? We’ve got you covered, here’s a list of what we think are must-haves when it comes to application development.

1. Fitness progress stats

People going to the gym, often reach a point where they lack motivation, and most likely they will end up to not workout anymore, therefore the business will start losing customers.

That’s where the app comes in. Offering your clients the opportunity to see the progress that they made at your gym, even compared to others will motivate the to continue working out.

A leaderboard system is recommended to be set-up, because that’s how you bring out the competitive side of your clients. Everybody wants to be on top. So why not give your attendants a little push to motivate them?

2. Tips

Offering your clients tips on how to perform better or get healthier will make them feel important, placing the business’s orientation towards the customer.
This will further improve customer relations and loyalty.

People often need advice, and most likely they are going to search the internet for it. So, making your app the place to search for tips on nutrition, or all sorts of different workout methods will generate traffic, increasing profitability.

3. Communication

Find a way to effectively communicate with your clients through the app. This is one of the most important things a customer-oriented business should have, without proper communication it will be much harder to keep a hold on the members.

The internet is the easiest way to notify your customers about upcoming gym events and better deals because everybody has their phone close to them at all times.


Features make or break the app, they are an essential thing when it comes to this side of business. Make sure to have as many features as possible without making your project too cluttered. This will the app harder to use for people, and they might even lose their interest in it, and you don’t ever want that.

Also try to think of features that are useful to the users, this will keep them engaged in your app, you will make them spend time on it more frequently thus generating more traffic. And that way, is how you increase your revenue.


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