The Funniest Stag Do Games and Pranks for 2020


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If you’ve got a stag do coming up in 2020, you’ll know that on top of celebrating the groom’s last nights of freedom, your top priority is to wind him up as much as possible. Games and pranks are a surefire way to make this happen, and the most memorable schemes are sure to go down a storm with all the lads attending the bash. If you’re in need of some comedic inspiration, here are some of the best ways to make a spectacle of the groom at his stag do next year.

Stag Arrest

Sometimes you need some professional assistance to pull off a truly great prank. For example, if you’re heading to Prague, stag do organisers Maximise can plan the perfect stunt for you—a Stag Arrest. In a nutshell, a “police officer” will turn up at your location, and carry out a very convincing arrest on the groom. This is guaranteed to give the stag the fright of his life, while all you and the rest of the stags need to do is try not to crack up and give the game away. All of his confusion will be rewarded once he’s been set free, though, as your police escort will take you all to your own private strip show.

Target Practice

Paintballing has been a classic stag do activity for years, but one simple twist on the game can really raise the stakes and earn plenty of comedy points: making the groom the target. Kit him out in any fancy dress that will make him stand out—whether that’s a chicken suit, a supervillain outfit, or even a dartboard costume, just to make him an even easier target. Then it’s time for you and the lads to surround your stag, and keep him on the move. Maybe he needs to collect each item of his regular clothing, or perhaps you’ve hidden a dozen cans of beer in the area, and it’s his job to find them all before you stop shooting at him. Just watch him run, take aim and fire!

Fake Tattoo

Sometimes the most effective pranks are the most simple. A fake tattoo is bound to make your stag freak out big time. This is a job for the early hours, preferably after a big night out that’s left the main man dead to the world. All you need is a naff temporary tat. The cringier the better—think embarrassing misspellings, girly designs, or take inspiration from The Hangover and find a way to sneak a gnarly design onto his face. He wouldn’t be the first guy to get an inking he regrets after a weekend on the lash—just wait for the fireworks once he wakes up and sees the results. You won’t want to forget his hilarious reaction in a hurry, so make sure somebody films the big moment.

Stag vs Food

We all love a good eating challenge, and a stag do is a great excuse to find out exactly how much the groom can stomach. No matter his meal of choice, could be chicken wings, ribs, burgers or anything else you think would make for an entertaining hour or so. There are plenty of options in London if that’s where you’ll be celebrating, though the TV show Man Vs. Food has left a legacy you can easily recreate anywhere. Bear in mind that this is a game you don’t need to leave to the stag—in fact, a little competition might encourage him to go even crazier, so why not go head-to-head in a mammoth eat-off?

Here Comes The Bride

Nothing will startle your stag more than a shock appearance from his bride-to-be, which perhaps makes for the funniest prank of all. Invite his other half to come down and party with the lads on the last night of the stag weekend. Stick a blindfold on him and tell him you’ve got a very special surprise in store, then let his lady be the one to remove it once she’s arrived. The joke will be even funnier if you dress her up in classic stag attire, like a personalised T-shirt with the groom’s face on it, and stag antlers.


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