How Playing Golf Can Make You Healthier


golfer at sunset

When people think of golf, most of the time, it is considered an older person’s sport. It’s commonly – and mistakenly – believed that it doesn’t require a lot of effort and isn’t worth pursuing if you are trying to lead a more active and healthier lifestyle.

This isn’t true, however. Golf, if played in the right way, can help propel you towards a longer, healthier and happier life, just like any other sport. If you are wondering how that is possible, here’s how.

1. Walking Distances

If you travel around the golf course on a golf cart, then, inevitably, you will be cutting down the exercise you get on the course. That being said, walking from hole to hole on an 18-hole course can get your daily step count to over 13,000 steps, which is 3000 over the daily recommended amount. Your journey through the golf course will be responsible for the bulk of your activity, and with the gorgeous green views that practically every course offers, you will barely notice the distance you cover.

2. Burning Calories

Golf clubs are heavy, especially when you need to carry a whole bag full of them. The advantage of carrying a bag of clubs as you walk across the golf course is that it strengthens the muscles in your arms and burns calories as a result. Studies have shown that golfers can burn more than 1,500 calories per game when they carry a bag of heavy golf clubs. This will give you even more strength to swing those powerful hits and help keep your arms strong and toned.

3. Increases Endurance and Stamina

When you walk long distances carrying a heavy load, this can put a strain on your body and your heart if they’re not used to it. Golfing regularly in this way will raise your heart’s endurance and improve general heart health. Your heart will grow used to the effort required to walk those long distances and keep your body going to carry heavy bags, which will increase its efficiency in the long run. A healthy heart is necessary for a healthy and long life, and regular golf games can help you achieve this.

4. Tones Muscles

Swinging a golf club well takes practice and strengthened muscles. Every time you swing a golf club, the muscles in your arms will become more toned and strengthen in relation to the weight of the golf club. Shoulders also play a part in swinging the club; your shoulder muscles will become more defined and enhanced.

5. Improves Posture

Before you swing a club, you have to be in the right position. If not, it can lead to aches and pains because you weren’t standing correctly. Learning and executing the correct posture for golf will help you to follow this through to your daily life. Posture is important for healthy bones and muscles, and golfing can help you towards this.

Golfing is a great sporting activity for endurance and strength; it will improve your stamina and support you in leading a healthy lifestyle.


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