Noise Solutions for Common Household Equipment



While we might all feel slightly annoyed by the loud sounds made by household appliances and gadgets, what we might not realize is the fact that all the loud noise is very detrimental to our health. Not only is constant exposure to high levels of sound a cause of stress, but it might also have an effect on your sleeping habits and even worse, your ears. Although many appliance companies are trying to lower the level of noise made by their products, there are still many appliances out there that are so loud they should come with a warning label. In this article what you will find are some solutions to the high noise levels of house appliances.


If most of the appliances you already have in your home produce high noise levels but you do not have the time or budget to go out and buy newer more quiet ones, you should invest in a good pair of earplugs or noise-canceling headphones. When you plan to use a noisy appliance, just put your headphones on or your earplugs in until you are done with using the appliance. This is a great solution if the appliance in question is a blender or a vacuum cleaner because you will be aware when it will be switched off. These will not work as much if your loud appliance is a washing machine or a generator, because you will have to wait for hours until they are finally off.


What you can do with larger appliances that may need to be used for longer periods of time, such as heaters, generators, and washing machines, is considering soundproofing the areas surrounding them. You can always build a soundproof box for your generator, which will both cancel any loud noises and protect it from the damaging elements. A more expensive option is to soundproof the walls of the rooms containing loud equipment such as a washing machine so that you can escape the ear-splitting sound by simply leaving the room the machine is in.

Look for the Quiet Mark

If you are still looking to buy equipment and appliances for your home, then you can easily solve the issue of noise levels by buying things that are guaranteed to have less dangerous decibels. Most international brands nowadays have a label called the quiet mark, which indicates that the sound the appliance produces is not going to pose a risk to your health. These kinds of appliances could prove to be a bit more expensive, but your health is priceless, and they will offer you protection against compromising your hearing ability in the future.

Now that you know how dangerous a loud piece of equipment can be to your health and to those who live with you, you should take the steps necessary to protect yourself against the mental and physical strain the noise puts on your body. Keep in mind that the less noise your appliance produce, the better your chances of having less stress, better sleep quality, and better physical health.


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