Quit Making Excuses Guys: 5 Tips That Will Help You Get Into Incredible Shape


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“Excuses are the bricks that build a house of failure.” This can be said about plenty of men that promise that they will reach a new PR in the weight room or finally have the abs they always fantasized about. While there are plenty of excuses, with all of the knowledge available online there is no longer the excuse of not realizing something in the fitness realm. The best thing any man can do is to create a strategy to reach their health/fitness goals that is realistic. Consistent effort and motivation is also required as nobody has ever accomplished anything impressive going on 70 percent of their maximum effort. The following are tips to help any man get into the best shape they have been in decades or their lifetime.

Get In Cardio After Your Morning Cup Of Coffee

Upping your overall activity levels will help any man lose some weight or increase muscle mass at their current weight. Investing in a stationary bike can be the perfect opportunity to start exercising each morning. Getting to the gym is not always the most attractive option so take care of this small 20 to 30-minute workout at home. Even taking your dog for a brisk job can be enough to boost your metabolism early in the day. Yoga can be a great option as well as there are plenty of videos online that you can follow along with. For men that lack flexibility this can be a great workout as well as improve performance in others areas of fitness. Even a few days a week completing some fasted cardio in the morning can generate results beyond expectation.

Keto, Paleo, Or Other Clean Diet

There are so many diets available online that can change a man’s life as well as their physique. Going to the gym daily can give you results but for maximum results a good nutritional diet needs to be implemented. The Ketogenic or Paleo diets are great examples of these as they cut out processed food as well as those excess carbs. This does not mean that you cannot have a cheat meal or day during the week though as there are some foods that might not be great for the body but are for the soul. Try out a 30-day challenge online to get your diet started as having structure during the start of a diet can allow you to continue rather than quit/cheat.

Supplements Can Take Your Workouts To The Next Level

Supplements can allow a man to take their workouts to the next level by helping in various ways. A good recovery supplement as well as protein supplement immediately after working out can help reduce soreness and promote muscle growth. A multivitamin should be a part of a man’s daily routine as even the most well-balanced diets could be lacking in a certain nutrient, mineral, or vitamin. Avoid using pre-workouts though and opt for coffee as there have been no studies on the extended use of these supplements. Caffeine along with BCAAs and a creatine supplement should be all any man needs before setting a PR or having the best workout of his life. Supplement stacks are available online and can be found by goal whether it is bulk up or tone your existing body composition.

Try Out Martial Arts-Based Classes

MMA training or other martial arts training teaches discipline and is one of the best workouts a person can do. Elite MMA that offers Muay Thai classes in Houston notes “When you start training, kicking, punching and jumping will build a lot of strength (most bags weight at least 100 pounds!). During the training, your upper body, lower body and core need to engage in making contact with the bag. Plus, there is a lot of strength training along with the boxing workout.” Martial artists are very body-aware which makes them great athletes so any man could benefit from this type of training in multiple ways.

Combine Heavy Lifts With Interval Training Circuits During The Week

Heavy lifting combined with circuit interval training can give an exercise routine the perfect amount of variety. Circuit training can be tough at a gym that is full to capacity so save these workouts for the less crowded times/days at the gym. The heavy lifts that should be done should focus on major muscle groups. Bench press, squats, barbell bent over rows, and deadlifts all need to be staples of a routine where adding strength is a top priority. Interval training can be a great way to keep your heart rate up at the gym while staying engaged mentally. An hour of cardio can be extremely boring while an hour circuit with a myriad of exercises can help the time seemingly fly by.

Lose the excuses and start training at a high level consistently to take your fitness beyond where you could have imagined. Take the time to assess your current habits to see where you can make improvements immediately!


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