Classic Men’s Fade Haircut Styles for 2019


Fade haircut styles for men have been very popular among guys for several years, and this trend doesn’t seem to go anywhere any soon. In fact, as time goes by, it is becoming more popular, and nowadays, we are even seeing girls rocking it.

The haircut is specifically designed for guys with short hair, but presently, men have been incorporating a high or low fade with long or medium hair on the crown. Regardless of your hair and skin colour, a fade haircut is a sexy haircut for you. Here are some of the hottest hairstyles we have collected for you. Take a look for inspiration.

1. Low Fade Hairstyle

The low fade is one of the most stylish and timeless haircuts we have in 2019. It is quite common among men as it is trendy. Low fades begin slightly above the ears and curve down the neck. Since it is quite versatile, this haircut can be styled on long or short hair. It features a clean finish on the back and sides.

As opposed to high fade, a low fade hairstyle is a more conservative haircut, similar to classic fade. Because of this, it is the most preferred hairstyle for business professionals. It also looks great when matched with the beard. Ideally, you would want to opt for this haircut with medium or long hair on the top such as pompadour, faux hawk, the modern comb-over, and a quiff.

2. High Fade Hairstyle

The high fade cut is one of the best ways to trim your manes on the back and sides, giving you great contrast for an edgy look. This hairstyle looks great on a myriad of cool haircuts for guys since the blending begins very high on the head and progressively becomes short at a faster rate compared to mid or low fade. This shaving technique strongly emphasises the hair on the crown, and that gives it a unique look to stand out from the crowd.

The most popular version of high fade is the high skin fade. This version allows you to include a lineup or shape hence outlining the hairline around the temp with the edges and sharp lines. The outcome is a sexy and stylish look.

3. Mid Fade Hairstyle

This is the best compromise between low and high fade. The styling starts at the halfway up the sides of your head. It has become one of the most preferred hairstyles since it is soft and offers a more gradual fading that is modern and stylish. Mid haircuts appear great with a myriad of hairstyles and can be rocked in both office and casual environment.

To make it more aggressive and standout, you can choose to pair it with a skin fade for an edgy and clean finish. If you don’t know whether the other types of fades would look great on you, medium fade is the best haircut to experiment with.


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4. Taper Fade Haircut

Taper fade, without a doubt, is one of the most phenomenal and iconic haircuts in the world. It is classy, chic, and timeless. This haircut blends your mane down the back and the sides. The hair is not shaved too short like bald or skin fade, but it is shorter compared to the classic tapered cut.

The main difference between the taper and fade is that in a fade, the fading continues into the skin. However, in taper, the tapering changes and ends with very short hair. If you doubt, opt for taper or taper fade for a more conservative and stylish look. While you will not achieve the same contrast you get with a fade, you can pair it with as many cool haircuts you need.

5. Skin Fade Hairstyle

The skin fade is also called a zero fade haircut. This is one of the barbershop favourites. Men like the skin fade hairstyle since it is super clean, offers high hair length contrast and sends a vibe of a bad boy. Whether you select a low, mid, or high, skin fade relies on how short you want to maintain the back and the side cut, but all the fades will need hair to be buzzed down to clean skin.

Skin fade appears great if worn with s comb-over or a side part. If the dress code is not an issue at your place of work, a skin fade would be a great look for you.


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