5 Great Reasons to Grow Your Hair Long


man with long hair

Buzz cuts, Ivy League hairstyles, and even the classic side part are all great choices if you have short hair, but a time may come in your life where you simply want more! In this case, longer hair can provide you with a lot of cool and stylish haircuts. You could have an undercut, a man bun, or just wear it out and style it with a bit of hairspray. There are a few dos and don’ts when it comes to men’s hairstyles with longer length, but in general, it’s an easy look to maintain. Long hair is versatile, but before you commit just yet, read these great reasons as to why you should grow your locks.

Standing out from the crowd

While it’s true that some men have always and will continue to grow their hair long, it’s still considered to be a deviation from the flow. If you look around a room or office, chances are that most men will have short hair. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but if you like the idea of being different and “rebelling” from the norm, then growing your hair will definitely achieve that.

To be in a band

Long hair, especially in the rock ‘n’ roll and heavy metal scenes, is seen to be part and parcel of these music genres. It’s not expected, but members with long hair somehow look cooler and fit these groups just a little bit better. It’s more fun to headbang and wave your hair around on-stage! Plus, you look brooding and mysterious in the band photos. Having a great beard wouldn’t hurt, either.

It requires barely any effort and fewer trips to a barber

Most men have to visit a hairdresser or barber roughly every 4-6 weeks in order to keep their short hairstyle looking good. When you grow your hair? You could go every 6 months if you wanted to, simply to keep the ends from splitting and to ensure it’s looking healthy. Growing your hair isn’t about being lazy or uncouth, but about sticking to a long-term goal. If you’re starting from short hair, it might take around 2-3 years before you start having long hair that you’re happy with. There might be an awkward stage where your hair is neither short or long, but if you can strive on (wearing a hat can help too) then you’ll make it.

Tie it up or loose? Your choice

With long hair, you can simply tie it back into a man bun if you don’t feel like styling your hair that day. If you have the time and want to maximize your long hair to its full potential, then the use of hairspray, blow-dryers, combs, hair straighteners and curling irons (and of course shampoo and conditioner) are all items you’ll have to get used to using. See here a guide for styling long hair.

To try something new!

Who knows, you might only have long hair for some years before you feel like trying something different, but at least you know what it’s like! Growing your hair is something that every man should try, then at least they know for sure if it looks good on them. For some men, once they grow their hair long, they’ll swear that it’ll never be cut off!


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