Can You Live Without the Internet?


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If you asked the question “Can you live without the internet”? 10 to 15 years ago, the majority of people would answer, “of course!” However, if you ask that same question now, more than likely, if people are honest, they will say no. Below is a list of some of the reasons people cannot live without the internet.

Social Media

Let’s face it; millions of people are on some type of social media platform every day. They use it to check the current happenings of friends, family members and acquaintances on their list. They use sites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat. And, some access through a mobile app while others use a web browser. Businesses also use social media as a way of cost-effective marketing to expand.


If you go to your local Mall or large department store, you’ll notice that in most cases the amount of people versus just a few years earlier is lower. That’s because the upcoming generation of millennials prefers to shop online. They have busy lives and don’t want to waste valuable time driving to a store when they can buy the same thing online. The online craze is not just exclusive to millennials; many consumers now feel that they can have access to more choices and better prices versus what they typically find in a brick and mortar store. People now shop for things like tires, furniture, food, and even personalized items such as Christmas cards online.

At-Home Workforce

A little over 5% of the population in the United States works from home online. This includes freelance writers, bookkeepers, accountants, real estate agents, and web developers to name a few. Without the internet, they would have to seek employment away from home.


While these are at-home jobs, just about every business, if not all businesses, rely on having daily access to the internet. Companies host meetings with clients from anywhere in the world, check on their competitors, buy and sell merchandise, and advertise to promote their business. Most businesses also have a website that they use to attract new business and keep customers informed.

School Dependency

The internet is an essential part of schools, too. Teachers of students ranging from kindergarten through their college years, use the internet often. They have built-in programs for learning lessons, access to free games, stories and the ability to speak with other teachers through email and chatting apps. Schools also use the internet to apply for assistance through the state or government and to order supplies.

Cell Phones

Every cell phone gives you access to many different apps. And, in order to access them, you need to have access to the internet. People use their cell phones regularly to shop, compare prices, get directions, order take-out or to gain access to find out just about anything.


Regardless of whether you own a business or not, chances are you use the internet regularly to keep track of your finances. You may use it to check the balance of your bank account to see if payments posted or cleared and to transfer money. You also use it to make payments on bills and to apply for a new credit card or a loan.


Many people now use online dating services as a way to meet new people and possibly even find that special someone they can envision spending the rest of their lives with. They also like to play games with friends in different locations and gamble using online casinos as a way to fulfill their needs without having to leave home.

More than ever before, and with no end in sight, people are using the internet daily for a variety of reasons. For them, it’s hard to imagine life without the access.


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