5 Portable Water Treatment Solutions For Frequent Travelers In the Digital Age


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In today’s fast-paced world of tech startups, wifi connectivity, freelance gigging and alternative accommodations, traveling abroad for work is a necessity for many. A portable water treatment solution is a must-have for the frequent traveler.

Wake up in Los Angeles, go to bed in Tijuana. Then jet to Buenes Aires followed by Morocco. Photographers, lifestyle bloggers, drone operators, brand influencers – there are more options than ever for making a living in the global village, but clean drinking water isn’t always accessible.

There’s nothing worse than drinking tainted, contaminated tap water while on a job for a client in a foreign country, or vacationing. Whether you’re hustling to grow your bootstrapped app business or an avid traveler seeking new vistas and experiences, keeping clean drinking water on hand is important to your health, safety, and peace of mind.

5 Portable Water Treatment Solutions For Frequent Travelers

1. Boiling Water

The easiest and most direct way to treat contaminated water is boiling. If you’re in a location you suspect has tainted tap water, fill a clean pot or kettle and boil the water. Contaminants such as magnesium, calcium deposits, bacteria and chlorine are burnt off at the boiling point.

Boiling water can’t eliminate 100% of the contaminants in dirty water but it can significantly reduce the risk of harm.

2. Water Cooler

A water cooler or water dispenser can provide you with convenient filtered drinking water for the road. With a little searching online, it’s not hard to find the best water cooler for your budget because they’re so widely available.

Fill a bottle with cold, filtered water from your water cooler before you leave the house each day along with a few ice cubes to keep it cold. You’ll save on plastic water bottles and help the environment

Portable water coolers are great for camping. They are seal-tight containers capable of holding up to 5 gallons.

Still using plastic water bottles? You might be interested in 5 Reasons You Should Stop Using Plastic Water Bottles.

3. Chemical Tablets

Chemical tablets are another economical portable water treatment solution you can try. Chlorine dioxide tablets, for example, can be dissolved in water to remove harmful waterborne pathogens and microorganisms such as cryptosporidium, E. coli.

You can find water purification chemicals in liquid, powder or tablet form. They’re easy to pack, affordable and extremely easy to use.

4. Water Filter Pitcher

A water filter pitcher is portable and provides clean, filtered drinking water on demand wherever you go. You can spend as little as $30 or as much as $125 for a quality brand that includes a replaceable cartridge filter.

The activated carbon filter used in most water filter pitchers is great for removing chlorine, lead, magnesium and other contaminants from tap water. Research the features of each brand before you decide.

5. Filtration Straw

An inline filtering straw, or filtration straw, is a very useful and portable water treatment solution you can take anywhere. Ideal for camping and hiking excursions, the lightweight filtering straw is specially designed to filter out microorganisms occurring in lakes, streams, rivers, and other natural bodies of water.

While they’re not as effective at filtering out lead, a filter straw is very handy for emergencies in the outdoors when clean water is hard to come by. They’re also quite inexpensive, averaging between $20 – $30.

Final Thoughts…

Cost effective, portable, and widely available, these portable water treatment solutions are a great place to start your search. Do your research before traveling to find out the risks of contaminated water before your trip and be prepared.


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