Get Paid to Have the Trip of a Lifetime: Teach ESL Abroad


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There are many different ways to travel and none are right or wrong, but working abroad is a fantastic way to remain in a foreign country for long enough to absorb the culture, form deep relationships, and enjoy the cultural exchange that takes place whenever different cultures collide.

One common way to get a job in a faraway country is teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) abroad. You’ll have an impossibly rewarding and unforgettable experience, and you’ll get paid for it! Just keep these tips in mind, so your trip is as smooth as possible.

Pick the Right Support

Deciding to pick up and leave your hometown to work abroad takes an intrepid attitude, but you can’t do it without support. If you decide to teach English in Korea it really helps to have the backing of a company experienced in helping teachers adjust to their new lifestyle.

In an immediate and practical sense, you need help filing the initial paper work regarding work visas. It can also be really tough to find a suitable apartment in a country you’ve never been to. The company will find you a clean and comfortable lodging in a safe and convenient neighborhood.

You’ll also need support adjusting to the new country once you land, as well as help in the classroom becoming a teacher. Having a travel company with experienced support staff to help you, many of whom were also ESL teachers once, is an invaluable resource that will make your trip smooth.

Longer Trips Create Deeper Experiences

If you drop into a faraway country for a few days, you’ll have a wonderful and stimulating experience. But being there for longer lets you get situated, and gives you time to absorb and assimilate the new culture. Soon, the sights and sounds and smells that felt so incredibly new and exciting will become old and ordinary!

This is an important phase in your trip: there’s a major difference between being entertained by a foreign country’s culture and humbly learning about it by being there long enough to start understanding it better. Teaching English in incredible cities like Inchan, Daegu, Songdo, Ilsan and more will give you an incredible opportunity to imbibe rich and exciting cultures.

Language Matters

In one sense, language is the bedrock of culture because it’s the basic way people express themselves. Any kind of exchange of language is important for its own sake.

But knowing how to read, write and speak English is often a gateway to higher paying jobs for many people. You’ll love working as a kind of cultural ambassador, and imparting skills to students that enable them to have a better life.

Travel is one of the most meaningful and enriching things a person can do in their life. That’s why you have to get up and go do it, instead of just read about it! Just pick the right travel company to support you and handle your logistics, and you’ll love getting paid to have the trip of a lifetime.


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