It’s Time to Harness the Power of Fitness Apps


These days, we’ve become more aware of our health and the need to maintain ourselves properly: despite a rising obesity epidemic, we’re also more conscious of the food we’re consuming, we’re drinking less alcohol and we’re more aware of the amount of exercise we need. This could be down to a trend in wearable tech and the power of fitness tracking: we’re hooked on statistics, and we want to live a longer, fuller life.

If you don’t own a Fitbit yourself, then you should at least know somebody who does. The wearable tech went mainstream for a middle-aged demographic who wanted to track their steps and check their sleeping pattern, but it is also an important piece of kit for anyone who is interested in nutrition and exercise, which could be useful given that it has been reported that obesity cuts life expectancy by 50%.


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Arguably, it might have made some frazzled users more neurotic, and you’re likely to hear cries of “according to my Fitbit, I woke up 10 times last night!”. It becomes a kind of symbiotic relationship, with the wearer only taking it off to do the washing up, and god help anyone who moves it!

Wearable tech doesn’t necessarily mean having to use a separate device from your phone. There are plenty of free services to use: iPhone now has a built-in step counter, which means you can track how much you have walked each day and work out a weekly average. You can also store data about your heart rate and blood pressure, as well as connecting to third-party apps such as MyFitnessPal, which offers a free service with basic nutrition tracking tools as well as a premium version that can be accessed on an annual plan.

Tech companies are becoming more aware that we don’t want more gadgets, we want integrated apps for our phones, and more often than not we want to try before we buy. For example, MyFitnessPal offers an option to try the premium service before you pay the full rate and regularly offers discounts to users.

It isn’t just Fitness companies that are becoming more aware of the trend towards free trial and subscriptions. Spotify and Netflix regularly offer discounts and free trials to new users. This extends to the gaming industry, where sites like offer users a chance to experience new games during their downtime, making it the place to find US bonuses easily and play at brand new casinos alongside existing gems. These gifts are a great way to trial new products without any long-term commitment, which is useful for leisure and fitness, as life can be so hectic that we can’t always spend time chilling on the sofa or committing to a gruelling fitness regime.


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Wearable tech and fitness apps are helping us to stay in shape, and you can take a trial of the market before you settle for your preferred option. Taking stock of your nutrition and fitness habits can be a great way to avoid problems down the line and ensure that you are fighting fit.


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