5 Exciting Destinations for 2020



If you are already thinking about your next holiday and pride yourself on being one step ahead of the latest travel trends, then read on to find out about which destinations should be on your travel wish list for 2020.
From cities hosting exciting sporting events, to hidden beaches that will make you sigh with anticipated relaxation,2020 is an undeniably exciting year for travel.

You may be surprised to see what’s on here.

Lebanon – Best for cultural connoisseurs

If you are a fan of the Mediterranean, but fancy a change, a destination a little bit more exotic, but with a similar vibe, then Lebanon could be the place for you. A very popular destination that is set to become even more desirable in 2020, Lebanon is the perfect combination of tradition and modernism. Explore their rich local history and enjoy their delicious, yet healthy, local dishes including Kibbeh, Falafel and Kousa Mahshi (stuffed zucchini). You won’t be disappointed.

Japan – Best for outdoor types

Japan needs no introduction as a sought after holiday destination, but in 2020 this vibrant country has even more to offer. Hosting the Rugby World Cup this year and the summer Olympics next year in Tokyo, Japan is a must visit for any sporting fan.

Of course, that’s not all that Japan has to offer, far from it; if you are feeling adventurous you could climb Mount Fuji, if you are an animal lover then head straight for Arashiyama Monkey Park, and if you want to embrace your silly side and love to sing then check out one of the numerous karaoke bars – they even have some where you can sing in a jacuzzi!

Bahamas – Best for cruise lovers

What’s not to love about the beautiful Bahamas? The natural surroundings alone are enough to transport even the most stressed individual into a state of calm bliss.The gentle breeze, the translucent blue waters and the opportunity for a once in a lifetime snorkeling experience make this top travel destination one that should definitely feature on your bucket list.

But why 2020? A unique cruise is launching later this year which will exclusively offer guests a chance to visit a private and more importantly sustainable destination on the island that will offer a level of natural beauty and conservation that other destinations cannot. Expect to be mesmerized.

Tanzania – Best for enthusiasts of the natural world

Deciding to visit Africa is a big decision, but an even bigger one is narrowing down where in Africa to go. Well, in 2020 it should be Tanzania. This country is home to three out of the seven Natural Wonders of Africa,including the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, the Great Wildebeest migration and one of the world’s most treasured national parks, the Selous Game Reserve. An unforgettable experience that you will be talking about for years to come.

Embrace another 2020 travel trend and explore this destination off-season; not only will there be less visitors, but as it is rainy season (although not too much rain!), the animals will be out and about making the most of the additional water.

Croatia – Best for short breaks

Did you know that Rijeka, the third largest city in Croatia, is set to become the European Capital of Culture next year? Probably not, but it is, and it’s not hard to see why. Culture is very important to this country as they fought for many years to become independent, and they are fiercely protective of their traditions and have strong family values.

Plus, there is just so much to do; making it a great option for those wanting to cram in a lot of experiences and sight-seeing in a short period of time. Visit one of their famous museums, strut your stuff at one of their infamous music festivals or simply take in the beauty of your surroundings (the stunning rocky coast is breath-taking).


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