3 Great Ways to Save Money During Q4


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Maybe you have had your hours cut back at work, or perhaps you’ve had a lot of company and spent way more than usual on groceries. Maybe you are dealing with an unexpected car repair or have experienced a really hot summer with higher than usual air conditioning bills.

No matter the reason, if your bills are creeping up on you lately, here are some ways to end the year with a cost-cutting bang:

Bundle Your Way to Savings

One effective and easy way to save money going into Q4 is by bundling your services through different companies. For instance, your car insurance company may offer you significant savings if you bundle your home and life insurance with them as well. You can also bundle and save by combining your TV and internet services. If you want to figure out how to boost your WiFi signal so you can stream more seamlessly, consider contacting your internet service provider to understand what else the company offers. For example, you may find a promotion or package that can save you money by bundling your TV, internet, phone and home security packages into one.

Wait or Buy Refurbished

If you’re someone who is used to upgrading your personal electronics the instant a new model comes out, now is the time to break that habit. If an electronic device still works, wait to replace it. Prices often drop around the holidays or on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. When you are in the market for new electronics, go for an older model rather than the latest and greatest device. Apple iPhones are a good example of this—before the company releases the newest iPhone, the older models typically drop in price. Finally, if you are comfortable with the idea, buying refurbished electronics will save you big bucks; they are usually restored to a like new condition, but with a much lower price tag.

Make Your HVAC Work Smarter to Save Money

In a perfect world, you would replace your older HVAC unit with the most energy efficient model around. Of course, this is not in the cards right now, so you’ll have to find ways to make your HVAC system run more cost-efficiently. If your unit is well-maintained, you may be able to retrofit it with energy efficient parts. This will help you to avoid a complete upgrade while saving you a lot of money; retrofitting typically includes replacing the compressor, adding condenser fan controls and adding side air economizers. Other ways to make your HVAC system use less energy is to install programmable controls and thermostats and be vigilant about maintaining the unit. For instance, replacing the filters on your HVAC every month will help the unit to run cleanly and efficiently, which will help you save you money.

Finish Out Q4 with More Money, Not Less

Q4 is not exactly cheap for many families—colder weather means higher heating bills and expensive holidays. By taking control of your money as best you can and looking into bundling, careful shopping, and HVAC upgrades, you should see a decrease in the amount you pay on your bills, which will help pad your savings account to get you through 2019 with ease.


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