The Common Household Problems That Can Affect Your Health


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Most people often assess their diet and physical activity levels when attempting to improve their health. However, they might not realize that their environment can also impact their wellbeing each day.

If you want to feel fit and healthy, you must aim to create a clean, safe property that’s free from potential contaminants.

To enjoy a safe and healthy home, you should read about the most common household problems that can affect your health.

Indoor Air Pollution

Inadequate ventilation, filtering, and circulation could lead to unwanted indoor pollution, as the following can float through the air:

• Dust
• Dander
• Clothing particles
• Pollen

As a result, both you and your family could inhale the small particles, which could potentially lead to allergies, excess mucus production, inflammation, and breathing conditions, such as COPD and asthma. It is important to open your windows daily and to install an air filter in rooms across your home.

Water Leaks

A water leak can damage both your health and home. It cannot only damage your property’s structural integrity, but it can also lead to mold and mildew growth that could cause respiratory problems. It is vital to rectify any water leaks within your home, such as in your sink, faucet, or toilet. To prevent water damage, you can go online and search for “dependable plumbers near me,” and get in touch with them.

A Lack of Natural Sunlight

One household problem you can quickly remedy is a lack of natural sunlight. If you fail to welcome much sunlight into your home, it could lead to you creating a dull and dreary space that can take its toll on your mental health. As a result, you could struggle with a low mood or depression.

So, pull back your drapes, open your blinds, and make your windows sparkle, which will allow light to flow across your home. You can also increase light exposure within your home by installing reflective furniture and accessories, such as purchasing mirrored side tables or hanging mirrors directly facing a window.

A Pest Infestation

Many homeowners are quick to disregard an occasional ant, cockroach, or another bug they find within their home, but it could be a sign of a severe infestation in your property. While you might shudder at the thought, many bugs or rodents could be living in your walls, basement or attic.

In addition to affecting your home’s structure, their presence could also pose a health risk for you and your loved ones. For example, various rodents could be carrying diseases, while bed bugs can cause anemia. Cockroaches also carry germs onto both your surfaces and food. It is imperative to call pest control if you suspect you could be living with an insect or rodent infestation.

Lead Exposure

While the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has taken the steps to either remove or minimize lead in all consumer products since 1978, it is possible people could be exposed to the toxic material in older homes. For example, various properties might be decorated with lead-based paints or may have lead pipes.

Sadly, lead poisoning can cause various serious health issues, such as nerve disorders or changes to a person’s mental development. It is, therefore, imperative to review your pipework and to update your interior if you suspect your property could be exposed to lead. You also can check for yourself by purchasing a lead home test kit or can hire a licensed risk assessor to inspect your property.


Many homeowners don’t think twice about how to store various pesticides, such as:

• Weedkiller
• Insect repellent
• Roach sprays
• Tick or flea shampoo

Yet, inappropriate storage of these pesticides could lead to various health issues, such as respiratory issues and nerve damage. For this reason, you must ensure you carefully follow the instructions on a product’s label, and you must ensure all household pesticides are stored away in a locked cabinet so they cannot be accessed by children.

You also must avoid direct contact with the substances, so you must thoroughly wash your hands after use, and never eat or drink while using them.

Your actions – or inaction – within the home could negatively impact your health, which is why you must bear the above facts in mind each day.

So, lock away pesticides and wash your hands after use, eliminate bugs and rodents from your home, resolve water leaks as soon as possible, and pull back the drapes and open your windows to welcome much sunlight and air into your home.


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