Hipster Wedding Trends You Can’t Help But Embrace


hipster wedding couple in sneakers

Wedding trends are nothing new, with Bridal Guide reporting that the early 1900s showcased corset-laden wedding dresses and high collars on both men and women. However, the frenzy of wedding trends is always on the rise, making it tough to figure out what to keep and what to ditch.

Then again, it doesn’t have to be a struggle to figure out which trends are wedding-worthy and which you need to ditch. Get inspired by these six hipster wedding trends you just can’t help but embrace.

Rustic Themes and Venues

There’s no need for a royal wedding replica when you can embrace the rustic outdoors instead. Choose a venue like a rustic barn or clearing in a wooded forest to say, “I do.” Add touches of rustic décor to enhance your look from burlap table runners to candle lit mason jars. You can also coordinate accessories and add sprigs of wildflowers in a tux or bouquet. Better yet, kick off your rustic wedding with just the right wedding invitations that feature nature-inspired touches and embellishments.

Hand-Crafted Cocktails

When it comes to marking a magical celebration, boring cocktails and standard bar setups are uninspired and impersonal. Instead, stock your wedding day with all your favorite hand-crafted or signature cocktails. Start by matching your drinks with the season, like pink grapefruit gin and tonic in the summer or warm caramel apple cocktails during the winter. Additionally, check with your local brewery about supplying fresh, local brews on tap as a fun way to commemorate your wedding reception.

Unusual Flowers and Centerpieces

There’s no need to overwhelm your wedding day with oversized bouquets, boutonnieres and centerpieces. Rather, embrace the world of unusual flower options like the Passion Vine embodying a fun, tropical color. A small sprig from a kumquat branch can also add a splash of citrus to your wedding reception décor for a fresh, new look. And if you’re getting married in a rustic venue like a farm or forest, add some natural wildflowers or twigs to your venue for a down-to-earth look.

All-Inclusive Wedding Parties

There’s no rule that says women must be bridesmaids and men must be groomsmen. Mix up your wedding party with friends and family from all walks of life, regardless of their gender. What about the wardrobe? Ask your wedding party to choose elegant dresses or suits in classic black or blue to create uniformity without compromising on your day’s unique style.


It’s no secret dress shoes are rarely known for their luxurious comfort. Marching down the aisle in stiff, uncomfortable shoes may look nice but comfort should also play a factor. Today’s wedding trends allow for more flexibility in both comfort and style, like wearing Vans with tuxedos. Choose standard black or get bold with colors and patterns to create a fun and comfortable look for your big day.

Patterns and Colors

Now that you’ve selected comfortable, colorful shoes for your wedding day, go ahead and mix up the rest of your wedding wardrobe. A colorful handkerchief in a front tux pocket or ties and vests in fun, bold patterns bring a playful touch to a wedding. But unless you want your day to be loud and lively, opt for patterns and colors that still work together to create a unique, yet classy, look.

Make Your Wedding Day Meaningful and Memorable

The good news with wedding trends is there are no hard and fast rules. From a rustic theme to comfortable shoes, pick and choose the trends you love most and create the special day of which dreams are made. Ultimately, the most important thing is that you and your companion are ready to celebrate your lives together. Make it a day that’s meaningful and memorable.


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