Should You Get Steel Doors for Your Garage?


steel garage doors

Take a look at your garage, then think about what you store inside. Given that knowledge, how secure do you feel that your overhead garage door will protect your belongings? If you worry about the durability or security of your garage door, you might want to look at rolling steel doors that can serve as a suitable substitute. Such doors provide you with peace of mind when it comes to security and can also keep climate-sensitive items and equipment safe even during the coldest winters and most humid summers.

The Added Security of Steel

When you add rolling steel doors to your garage, the biggest update you receive comes in terms of security. Steel is heavy and durable, meaning that somebody who wants to break into your garage won’t be able to damage your garage door in any meaningful way. Because these garage doors roll down from overhead, they also can’t be moved upward when they are locked. At the same time, overhead doors can be easily fitted with a remote opener, giving you the ability to enter and lock your overhead garage door with the push of a button. Any would-be thief knows better than to waste time trying to break into a garage with a secure overhead door and will likely look elsewhere when it comes to planning a theft.

Climate Protection

Even though your garage protects its contents from rain, sleet, and snow, other environmental factors can cause damage to your belongings. Most garages are not climate controlled, meaning that high humidity and extreme cold can cause damage to the interior. When you choose rolling steel doors, you do two things to combat environmental problems. First, you add a reinforced barrier between your garage interior and the outside world. This helps to minimize heat transfer through garage doors and can even save you money if your garage is climate controlled. Secondly, you add the ability to further insulate your garage. Overhead doors can be fitted with extra insulation if needed to keep extreme weather outside.

Long-Term Durability

Whether you want better equity in your home or just want to make sure that you install something that lasts, a steel overhead garage door provides you with long-term durability that other materials lack. Wood tends to swell and crack over time, and lighter metals can get damaged by high winds, debris, and impacts with vehicles. By comparison, steel lasts for decades. It can withstand significant impact without so much as a dent. It is also versatile enough that you can paint it whatever colour you please in order to match with the rest of your house. Once you install a steel overhead door, you can expect it to last for life.

Although most people think of steel overhead doors as ideal for commercial businesses and buildings, you can reap many benefits by adding one to your residence. The security, climate protection, and durability that these doors offer you cannot be matched by any other material available for your home.


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