What’s your slot? 3 different types of social gamers and how to recognize them


Fortnite gamer

The world of social gaming is absolutely huge, making it almost impossible to divide the different character types into categories. We see all genders, backgrounds and personality types enjoy spinning slots. In this article, we’ve decided to take the risk of putting all slot spinners into boxes! Here are 3 of the more prominent personality types you are likely to find winning the lucky slots!

The fun-loving gamer

This gamer is not necessarily focused on winning and is here mainly to have a good time. Fun-loving gamers enjoy the excitement of spinning slots, regardless of the outcome, and love solving puzzles and complex challenges. They appreciate the narrative and design of an app just as much as they love the prizes. This doesn’t mean that they don’t want to win, but it’s not ranked first on their social gaming list.

The competitive gamer

On the other hand, there’s the competitive gamer. This type of gamer is all about the victory and the prize to accompany it. You’ll be able to find the competitive gamers participating in tournaments and checking their high score on a regular basis. Once again, competitive people enjoy the game itself and pay attention to aspects other than winning, but it remains the focal point as far as their gaming strategy goes.

The casino fan

This gamer type is coming at ya right from the heat of the Vegas casino. Casino fans are looking to duplicate their physical casino experience as much as possible and seek out slot machine apps that offer an authentic and realistic vibe. Luckily for the casino fan, apps like 88 Fortunes enable playing the same branded slots in a more comfortable mobile version, and collaborate with the biggest casino brands in the world. The most important advantage casino fans have when transitioning to mobile apps is the strong expertise they demonstrate in understanding just how slot machines work, which remains relevant in the mobile version as well.

We imagine that many of our readers will see a little bit of themselves in at least a couple of the above personality types. We are all competitive and fun-loving to some extent, after all. But regardless of your gaming strategy and approach, the most important thing is that you’ll find the right app for you and use your existing personality traits to shine with every spin.


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