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If you’re into online casinos, there are tons of options out there. You can try out different sites and see which fit your preferences, such as sites like Aspers Casino which is regulated with a license. There you’ll find some of your favorite casino games like roulette. You won’t have beautiful women walking around like you have at the best casinos in Vegas, but you can play anywhere you like.

A little introduction to Roulette

When you first look at a Roulette table, it seems very complicated – but we are here to help you understand it better for your games in the future. Aspers Casino has one of the topmost roulette games available at their website, and the most customers enjoy playing roulette.

It’s a fairly simple game, you’ll see the layout with the wheel with the numbers 0 to 36 on the circular table. You’re going first to get some chips and place some bets. We recommend for you first to start low, and once you get the hang of the game – you should start placing more chips for higher bets. Then the ball is spun, and if it drops in one of your numbers, you’ll eventually end up winning. That’s how simple this game is, but like any other casino game, it needs professional skills and tips.

Everyone present on the table gets their chips, different from everyone else sitting at the table. This is done, so you don’t get confused with each other’s chips.

Zero Roulette?

Many would ask, does 0 have the same bets as all the other numbers? The simple answer would be; as a layered bet – yes. So, say if you want to put one 0, you’re going to get paid 35, or you could split them between 0 and 1, 0 and 2, 0 and 3, and you’ll get to 17.

The main difference when it comes to 0 is how it affects your outside bets. So, if there are six bets on the outside low, even red, black, yellow numbers would be not 0. If the ball drops on 0 once you’ve placed your bet, then you don’t get back anything but instead, lose whatever you’ve got.

This casino includes games from renowned developers like novomatic, play’n go, netent and many more, it’s fully licensed by the UK gambling commission and to operate betting services as well.

Sites like Aspers Casino have registration via a mobile app or on their website where users are welcome to get the bonus offer.


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