Outdoorsman Todd Walls Shares The Best fishing Spots in the State of Kentucky


fishing in Kentucky

Todd Walls has two major passions in his life. One of them is law enforcement, evidenced by his long career of helping to get drugs and criminals off the street, formerly serving as chief of the West Buechel Police Department.

His other passion is spending some quality time catching fish around the state of Kentucky. He loves enjoying the challenge as well as taking in his natural surroundings. If you’re more serious about reeling in a catch you can brag to your friends about, or you just want a scenic spot to cast from, then pay close attention to this guide of the best spots in the state to achieve it.

Lake Cumberland

This man-made reservoir south of Lexington offers a great mix of fish species to snag, including walleye, trout, crappie, catfish and many others. Many people visit this pristine body of water to fish for sport, some of them competitively in tournaments. Others stay to enjoy the surrounding areas.

Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake

Located in Livingston County, these connected bodies of water yield a large number of bluegills beyond the trophy length of 10 inches. Todd Walls suggests you try using live crickets as bait to boost your chances of reeling in some of these meaty panfish.

Another plus of fishing in these reservoirs are that they are next to state parks, so you can continue to be immersed in nature while having a place to stay overnight if you want to extend your stay.

Rough River Lake

Despite the name, catching fish may go smoothly for you at this site that spans Breckinridge and Grayson counties. While it’s not as popular as some other destinations (and that may be a plus – more fish for you!) it offers up a plethora of bass, crappie, sunfish and other species. Take advantage of the rock ledges to fish from and be sure to prepare for the sun while enjoying your surroundings.

Dale Hollow Lake

As one of the deeper lakes (and the oldest man-made reservoir) in Kentucky, you’ll be sure to come away from this site with a few fish to show for your efforts. Todd Walls states that in the water waiting are walleye, trout, muskie, bass, catfish and a variety of other fish species that swim in crystal clear waters. If you can, fish near the dam where the water reaches its greatest depths.

Floyds Fork

These parklands in Louisville opened relatively recently, opening up almost 20 miles of the creek for fishing and paddling. You can expect to find smallmouth bass up to 18 inches in length. Try a floating minnow in shallower waters to lure these fish.

Taylorsville Lake

If you like bass, crappie and catfish and want to go to a popular spot just outside of Louisville that’s a proven fishing hole, then get yourself to this lake. According to Todd Walls, you can fish from the banks or up your chances a bit by getting into a boat. If crowds aren’t your favorite, then you might want to avoid during peak summer, but otherwise it’s a tried and true spot that continues to be popular.

Nolin River Lake

This is another popular location for anglers that offers many little coves and nooks that make for great spots to set up. You’ll be able to spot crappie, bass, and walleye, so a bit of patience and skill will surely pay off! It’s mostly inside Mammoth Cave National Park, adding an extra dimension if you’re into canoeing.

A Family Tradition Continues for Todd Walls

Just like as many parents take their children to their favorite spots in the state to reel in a catch, Todd Walls got into fishing young as a hobby thanks to his dad showing him the best local fishing holes.

Todd Walls enjoys the challenge of fishing, but also the peacefulness and the chance to bond with family and friends. You don’t need a lot of money for fishing equipment – you just need time and an open ear (and eyes.) With some experience and a bit of luck, you can show off a great catch for a photo or enjoy some delicious fish for your next meal.


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