Choosing the Right First Date: Is There Such Thing as the “Perfect” Date?



So, you’ve decided to take a chance and meet someone you could possibly hit it off with; congratulations on taking the first step to what could be a great relationship!

After you’ve gotten through the preliminary small talk and questions, the hi, how are you’s, are you tall or short, insert cheesy pickup line here – you know the gist, it’s time to get down to the main event, the first date.

A first date can be the make-or-break moment for a new relationship. It’s where you decide if you have a future with this person – can you make it through one drink?

This is why great importance is put on the first date; gone are the days of the typical dinner and a movie, these days the options are aplenty and you better choose wisely.

Is there a perfect first date?

When using dating sites where you’ve never met the person before, it’s all about curating the perfect first date – the optimal first meeting where you can get to know your date and see if you’re compatible with each other. Unlike meeting someone in real life, online dating mixes things up a bit. Sure, you might have great conversation but the true test is whether or not you hit it off in person, which is why the first date is so important.

A solid first date is the dinner date, which in recent years has lost its popularity, and unfairly so. While a dinner date requires more effort and is more expensive than just going for a drink, it sends the message that you want to get to know the person and can give insight on what day to day life would be like with them. It also shows that you are invested enough in them that you are willing to pay for their meal.

If you’re looking for something more casual, there’s always the go-to drink or coffee date. This provides a date in a lively and casual setting where you can choose how long or short you want the date to be, depending on how well you hit it off. This setting takes away the pressure of paying for an expensive meal or perhaps putting in the effort to dress a certain way.

While these three options have the potential to be foolproof dates, there is no one “perfect date” seeing as everyone is different. This is why some of the best dates are ones catered to the people going on them – the unique, unusual and quirky first dates.

Enjoying the great outdoors

Why not take advantage of the warm weather and suggest a date outside? While you may find more luck with outdoor dates in rural towns, there’s no reason why a date like this can’t work in a city. For example, those looking for dates in Oklahoma City using sites like Badoo will have plenty of luck in arranging outdoor dates, with a botanical garden that plays host to movies on the lawn in the summer months, a romantic river cruise on the Oklahoma River and some adventurous white water rafting. If you’re looking to do something a bit more social, or go on a group date, Bricktown bike bar is as unique as dates come, with a bicycle built for 16 that you pedal around Oklahoma City stopping at different bars along the way. Whether you want something entertaining, romantic or adrenaline pumping, the city has something for everyone.

Moving east to New York City, the great outdoors takes a very different meaning. The city comes alive in the summer with outdoor rooftop bars, restaurants and walks in central park, all of which are perfect locales for a first date – not to mention the 100s of different ice cream shops to enjoy, including Ample Hills Creamery, Big Gay Ice Cream and Dasher and Crank.

Do you live in warmer climates? In a city such as Miami, fun dates include walks along the boardwalk in south beach with an ice cream in hand, some fun in the sun on the beach itself or for something different, a visit to the everglades. A very unique area in Miami, the everglades offer an abundance of activities from boating through the swamps to riding along the bike path or visiting the Miccosukee Indian Reservation.

As you can see, where you live can play a big part in what type of dates you go on, as some dates are more suited for a particular city or geographic area. You wouldn’t go hiking in Miami or go to the beach in New York City, but each city provides its own adventure.

Unusual date ideas

If you’d prefer a date that’s not city-centric, the possibilities are endless, with activities that you can find regardless of where in the world you may be. Fun and unusual dates will also give you and your date something extra to talk about to avoid any awkward and uncomfortable silences. No one wants those…

If food is the way to your heart, then a cooking class is a great option, allowing you and your date to learn a new skill together, or give you the opportunity to show off what you can do. This has great potential to lead to a second date where you can practice making what you learned in class!

If art on paper instead of in the kitchen is more your calling, then a painting class could be the way to go. Pick a place that serves drinks as you paint so that no matter how “unique” your creation is, it still looks great in your date’s eyes!

Should you find yourself belting out tunes in the shower and not sounding too terrible, a karaoke date could be in your future. This date is the perfect way for you and your date to get out of your shells, sing your favorite songs and hopefully impress each other while doing so! Just remember, don’t pick anything too romantic that could scare your date away! Save Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On for date two at least!

Are you a walking encyclopedia? Or perhaps that’s your date’s claim to fame… either way, a trivia night is a great date as if nothing else, it gives you something to talk about. You may find you know more than you think and hey! Maybe you’ll learn some facts and get a second date out of it.

Getting physical

If physical touch is more up your alley than a dance class as a first date could be the right idea. A dance class will give you the chance to get up close and personal with your date while sweating up a storm and learning a new type of dance. A dance date will give you a chance to laugh at yourself and/or your partner as you let loose and have some fun!

Swing class too daunting? Why not take your next date rock climbing and build your upper body strength along with the new relationship? Another fun activity that’s always a crowd-pleaser is mini-golf, a little competition never hurt anyone!

If you’re looking for an excuse to get close to your date, ice-skating is the date to suggest. This will give you a chance to get cozy with your date as you hold hands and skate around the rink – and if you’re an ice-skater yourself, it’s a great way to show off a little and impress your date with your moves.

A final indoor solution that is more than it seems would be teaching your date how to shoot some pool. This gives you a chance to get up close and personal while judging how competitive your possible partner-to-be really is. It also provides a bar setting for you to grab a drink at the same time.


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