How to Customize a Car Till It Oozes Your Character and Style


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No matter what you drive, odds are there are plenty of others just like it out on the road today.

Owning a vehicle is a huge investment, and it’s important that your car has a bit of your own personality integrated into it.

If you’re not sure where to begin, check out this handy guide for a few suggestions that will inspire and teach you how to customize a car to suit your unique style.

Upgrade Your Upholstery

The interior of your car says a lot about you, so why not spice things up with some custom upholstery? You can add a playfully patterned seat cover to give it a cool look at a reasonable price. Pick a seat cover that showcases your favorite colors or designs.

If you’d rather go a step above, consider getting custom upholstery in your choice of color. Leather adds a luxurious touch, while embroidered details on the headrest give your car a pop of personality.

The same thing applies to your steering wheel. Choose a cool, custom steering wheel color that plays into your interior’s theme or color scheme.

How to Customize a Car: Change the Paint Job

If you’re really aiming for a custom look, have a professional auto painter update the paint job. You can literally paint anything on your car including graphics and wording if you choose.

Pick out a fun color scheme for the top and bottom half of the car to give it a two-toned look. Integrate glittery details that will make your car shimmer in the light.

Custom paint jobs can really give your vehicle the “wow” factor and you can have virtually anything done that you want. Consider the car’s interior and try to choose something that will match for a slick look.

Say it All With Personalized Plates

If you want to know how to customize a car on the cheap, get some personalized plates. You may need to do a quick number plate search to make sure your idea isn’t already taken.

Personalize your plate with a fun slogan, an inside joke, or your nickname. The sky is the limit, so write down a few ideas first before you decide to choose one.

Getting personalized plates will make your vehicle instantly recognizable on the road. Be sure you choose something that’s both memorable and tasteful, but also something that will turn heads whenever you drive by.

Add Some Sweet Electronics

When it comes to car customization, you can’t wrong with electronic elements. Whether it’s a booming sound system or screens nestled in the headrests, these additions will give your car more functionality, too.

Add bright LED lighting under the car so it lights up whenever you drive. Update your speakers so that your bass levels are loud and clear.

Any type of change you make to the electronic components of your vehicle will give it a modern vibe and tons of beneficial features. Even something like a reverse camera will add a level of customization to your car.

Pimp Your Ride

With so many ways to learn how to customize a car, you can have a blast coming up with some unique additions. From luxurious upholstery to a booming sound system, there are tons of ways to make your car your own.

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