Benefits of a Simple Note to Express Employee Appreciation


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There are different ways for you to show that you appreciate the work done by your employees. You can treat them with a nice meal after work. You can also organise a holiday trip to a fantastic destination. Although these strategies are perfect for showing employee appreciation, you don’t have to go to those lengths. Sometimes, a simple thank you note will suffice.

Look for employees who did a great job and show that you noticed it by leaving a thank you note on their desk. It might be a simple gesture, but your employees will appreciate it. They will feel that you noticed their hard work. Sometimes, when they feel exhausted with work, an expression of appreciation will wipe everything away. They will feel recharged to start over and do their best.

Some employees are on the edge

You might not know it, but it’s possible that some of your employees are already on the edge. They’re thinking of leaving because they don’t feel happy with their work anymore. They also don’t feel satisfied with how others treat them, especially their colleagues. Without any reason to stay, they will most likely decide that it’s time to resign. Your gesture might make them change their minds. Even if it seems like no one sees their efforts, you show that you do.

Everyone needs a pat on the back

Work can sometimes be challenging. Even in a lovely work environment, some employees might still feel that they can’t continue working anymore. They don’t want to give up because they need money to provide for their family. A pat on the back might be enough for them to think that everything is worth it.

You show that you’re on top of everything

You might not always be visible at work, but you need to show that you see the process. You entrust everything to your employees, but it doesn’t mean that you have no idea what’s going on. Therefore, if you show appreciation, it means that you have an idea about what your employees do. You can tell that they’re working hard.

It shows that you care

You might be bossy at times. You can even be like a tiger when you’re angry because of immense pressure. Despite that, you still need to show that you have a heart, and a thank you note would do it. You’re telling your employees that even if you seem like a monster at times, you’re still appreciative of hard work. You also look after everyone’s welfare, and it’s a good thing.

It’s not difficult to get a sticky note and write a few words to your employees. Therefore, you need to make it a practice. For instance, if you appreciated the banner design of an employee from the marketing team, you can leave a note that expresses your appreciation. If not, you can suggest banner websites for ideas on how to improve next time.


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