Exciting Places to Visit While Traveling to Kuala Lumpur


Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia’s capital city. Golden triangle is the city’s central hub. The town is surrounded by colonial architecture, skyscrapers, natural attractions, and charming locals. There are several tourist sites in the city which everyone visiting the city would love to see. It’s also surrounded by fabulous restaurants that serve delicacies of all kind. There are several hotels in the town where visitors can stay. The hotels cater to a range of guestrooms, which is spacious and possess an impressive view of the city. Facilities that are of quality and impeccable services are also offered in the hotels.


KLCC is one of the places in the city full of beauty. It’s found in the golden triangle hub. The twin towers, which is ironic, is located here. The towers were at one time the tallest in the world. The hotels in KLCC Kuala Lumpur offer easy access to the landmarks that are mostly recognized in Malaysia. The rail and public bus services in KLCC make it possible to be connected to various areas in KL. Bukit Butang district I accessed through a pedestrian bridge.

Bukit Butang

Bukit Butang is another place in Kuala Lumpur found in the golden hub. It’s famous for its entertainment and fashion of Kuala Lumpur. When in the city of Kuala Lumpur, one can go for after-hours entertainment in Bukit Butang where several restaurants and bars are located. Hotel near KLCC Kuala Lumpur provides accessibility to the place whereby one can spend the night at the hotels and still visit the town during the day. There are unique, beautiful buildings which were pre-colonial shop-houses that were renovated and made into upmarket restaurants and pubs. Berjaya Times Square is also located here. It’s a twin-tower that has 48 stories. It’s the 5th largest tall building in the world presently. Menara KL tower, which is one of Malaysia’s famous and recognizable landmark, is also found here.


This is the third hub in the golden triangle. It’s lively and colorful. It’s popularly known for its large covered markets that contain accessories and clothes. The town is also known for its fashion shops. There are beautiful temples that are a popular tourist attraction. Hotel near KLCC Kuala Lumpur also offers easy access to this place. The bargain hunter’s paradise is another cool place in the town where one can find all kinds of Chinese herbs. At night, the primary market, which is Petaling Street, is transformed into a vibrant night market that is vibrant and filled with various stalls that offer goods of all kind at low prices.


Traveling to Kuala Lumpur is great due to the amazing tourist attraction sites that are present in the city. It’s a place that when visited, one can never be bored since it offers all types of fun both during the day and at night. The city is part of the beauty that Malaysia contains. It attracts visitors from different parts of the world. The town is also neutral since all kinds of people can visit it since it offers all the beauty any person of any type will be interested to see. This includes children, youths, and even adults or older people.


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