A Guide To Buying Your First Ever Drum Set


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Have landed on this page while looking for the best drum set? If that sounds yes, then you have stepped into the right place. Trying to identify the right set on the market can be a daunting task. This is because of the many manufacturers and dealers who have flocked to the market. Therefore, you can easily purchase a counterfeit kit! However, you should not be worried since this is where we come in. We shall enlighten you with all the parameters you need to consider before removing your wallet. On the other hand, purchasing the right set will facilitate achieving your set goals. Fortunately, our below three-minute buying guide will make your life easier. Choose the set that will work for you and easy to maintain.

Try Before Buying

That is classic advice! Before you purchase a new drum set, ensure that you can comfortably play it. Any genuine retailer or manufacturer will advise you to sit down and experiment the kit before committing. Typically, you will be spending much of your time behind the new set. Therefore, make sure that you are comfortable, the kit sounds right, and feels great. Generally, you should invest in something that meets the value of your money.


The actual parts of a drum set are a bass drum, snare drum, and toms. They are all known as shells. Different shells are designed from different woods. Moreover, the sound of the drums is distinguished by the kind of wood used for manufacturing. Therefore, you will have to choose the type of wood that will meet your needs. Below are some of the woods used:

Birch: The birch drums are very loud. This is a hardwood that contributes to loudness.
Maple: Maple is plentiful and often used for the drum shells. It is versatile and performs well with different styles of music.
Mahogany: It has low-end power. Typically, that means the drum will offer a thump when hit.
Poplar: This is commonly found in most cheaper drum sets. The quality of the sound produced is not good compared to other woods.

If you could be a beginner and do not have any specific style, then you can consider using maple shells. Additionally, it is important to consider the size of the drum shell. However, they are available in different sizes.

Floor Space

If your floor space is limited, purchasing a small drum set like Tama club jam satin blonde, Ludwig questlove breakbeats, or even Sonor AQ2 safari set might be a perfect idea. Coming to alesis nitro review, this is one of the cheapest electronic drum set in the history of the electronic drum set. They have a small footprint compared to acoustic kits. Therefore, they can fit into the corner of your house or home studio. Additionally, they are easy to dismantle and assemble. You can keep them away when you are not rehearsing. In case of any event or gig, they are easy to transport. Portability is another factor that you must consider before removing your wallet.

Your Budget

When purchasing your first drum set, it is important to understand the manufacturing companies. Every person has a personal preference. However, there are some companies which have accomplished a track of record in producing these products. As a newbie, narrowing the different choices to a specific brand is very important. This will offer you a smooth process and land on a good purchase. Some of the companies that do not compromise when it comes to quality includes:

• Yamaha
• Tama
• Pearl
• DW
• Gretsch
• Mapex
• Sonor

You can also consult or read what other users are reporting online. We are certainly sure that the above drum set companies will meet your needs and the value of your money. You do not need to break the bank to purchase a drum kit. If you are not an experienced drummer, consider having some training to enhance your skills. There is no point in investing in a drum kit to fill your floor space. Buy for the right purpose.

At this juncture, we are sure that you can purchase a drum set comfortably. Armored with the above information you will never go wrong. Practice quality control by purchasing from authorized retailers. Make a schedule of practicing hours with the experts. Additionally, if you are purchasing online, make sure you understand what is included on the list. It is also very important to visit the manufacturer’s website and have some of the questions answered. Consider this guide on your next shopping.


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