Subtle Ways to Incorporate Grey Laminate Flooring and Other Neutrals into Your Home



Neutral colours have always been in style. They make homes easy to sell as it allows potential buyers to easily insert themselves into the house and imagine themselves living there. They are also popular for providing a clean and open place to live. Since white is often considered a bit stark and clinical, many people choose to incorporate a slightly different shade. One of the favourites of the past few years has been grey. If you are interested in bringing grey into your home design choices, here are some options you could choose.

Grey Floors

Grey floors add an excellent neutral base to a room and will barely be noticed with the right styling on top. Nearly every type of floor out there can be found in grey which makes it one of the most versatile options you have out there. If you want something smart for a major living space like a sitting room, you should consider grey laminate flooring. They are easy to take care of and are very durable and able to withstand anything your household throws at them.

Slate is always a classic choice and would look great in a bathroom or kitchen. Grey carpets can be stylish, but make sure that you choose them carefully to avoid them looking like they came from a corporate office.

Grey Walls

If you want a neutral wall colour which isn’t white or magnolia, grey can be a fantastic choice. It would look very chic and modern if combined with a white tile, making it a great colour option for a kitchen or bathroom. Tying grey walls with a white tile and grey laminate flooring will help to give a modern boutique feel to any room.

It would also look very nice if it was combined with another colour on a statement wall of either paint or wallpaper. If you are really aiming to draw the eye to one wall in particular, painting the others grey will help to create this illusion.

Grey Furniture

If you are not convinced by grey carpets or walls, thinking it might be too dreary, you can still incorporate the colour into your home design by choosing grey furniture. Grey wooden furniture is timeless and classic and would be a fantastic addition to any bedroom.

You should also think about incorporating grey fabrics into your home; something that would look eye-catching when combined with other greys such as grey laminate flooring. A grey sofa or armchair can be brightened up with colourful throws and cushions or you could add some monochromatic grey cushions to a similarly bright piece of furniture. Grey bedding could also help to create a peaceful place to rest, especially when combined with accents of lavender in both colour and scent.

Grey is one of those colours which might initially seem challenging and cold, but it can actually be incorporated into your home in a number of different ways. Whether you are thinking about a new floor, a lick of paint on the wall, or a comfy new sofa you can add snatches of coloured accents to, there are plenty of options for you to explore. Take a look at your rooms and start thinking about where you could add grey now.


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