Low Maintenance Flooring Options for Busy People


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If you are the sort of person who finds themselves running here, there and everywhere, you might think that there is little time in your life for cleaning. While you are happy to do what needs to be done, spending hours meticulously cleaning all areas of your house might not be for you. If you find that this is the case for you, here are some of the lowest maintenance flooring options for busy people.


Wooden floors are one of the most popular choices for flooring options. Loved by many for their versatility and timelessness, wood floors look great in many different rooms and through lots of different interior design aesthetics. If you want something which is timeless and interesting on the eye, you should consider parquet style wood flooring.

In terms of upkeep, most wooden floors only need a quick going over with a microfibre mop once a week to ensure that they are clean followed by a washdown with a damp cloth if needed. Don’t use a wet one, and make sure that any spillages are cleaned up as soon as possible, as this might otherwise warp the wood. With only a little care, your parquet style flooring will look as good as the day it was laid.


Warm, soft underfoot, and available in nearly every colour you could think of, carpet is another extremely popular option. Most people would think that carpet would be quite high maintenance since it is a textile but that would not necessarily be the case.

Most of the time, a good vacuum is all you need to be able to keep the carpets in your home looking fresh. You might also want to invest in a deep clean every now and then, which you can either do yourself with a rented machine, or you can pay for a professional cleaning service to do it for you.


Slate floors are fantastic for those who want a natural touch in their home and can look brilliant in both cottages and contemporary homes. It is also a versatile flooring choice which can be laid in nearly every room in the house. Underfloor heating can be added to stop your feet from freezing in the colder months.

When it comes to maintenance, there is little out there which is more robust that slate. It will resist things being dropped on it; more frequently breaking them instead so be careful if you have it in the kitchen! All it needs in terms of cleaning is a sweep to remove the dust and a wash every now and then to give it a clean. It is truly one of the best options you could choose for your home if you are really looking for something low maintenance.

Any of these flooring options could work in the home of someone who finds themselves rushed off their feet with activities and work. Whether you go for the cool contemporariness of slate, the warmth of carpet, or the timeless elegance of parquet style flooring, there is always some brilliant floor option available to you. See what you can find online now!


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