The Party of a Lifetime: 6 Expert Tips for Making a Wedding More Exciting


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A wedding is a special celebration for two people as they pledge their love for one another in front of family and friends. Weddings are meant to be memorable and beautiful, as wedding guests gather in their best outfits to attend the ceremony and reception for the couple getting married. Below are various aspects to consider when planning an exciting and luxurious wedding.

The Venue

When planning a wedding, the venue choice is incredibly important, as it is the setting for one of the most important days of your life. Venues such as Clevedon Hall are beautiful and can be transformed to accommodate hundreds of people, or it can be warm and intimate, with only a few family members and friends. The interior is well decorated, making it wonderful for a winter wedding, whereas the exterior has many terraces, a fountain, a well-kept lawn, gazebos, gardens, and lakes make for wonderful and serene pictures.

Plan Little Surprises For Your Guests

During dinner, guests are seated around a table with the same individuals for an hour or so (depending on the number of courses), that the conversation can fizzle and get a bit boring. Planning a couple of surprises, such as a fun toast from a family member or a beautiful poem to be read aloud from a friend could add some special moments throughout dinner.

Consider Having A Late-Night Snack Table

Dinner is served earlier in the evening, and as guests dance and continue to enjoy a few cocktails, they may get a little hungry during the end of the evening. Having an option for a late-night snack is a great way to keep the guests happy, well-fed and out on the dance floor. Some ideas include make-your-own grilled cheese sandwiches, a taco bar or a popcorn station.

A Photo Booth

Setting up a photo booth is a great way to get guests involved in making fun and silly pictures so that they can hold on to the memories of your special day. Photo booths can be as creative as the couple would like them to be and they are also very easy for the guests to handle.

A Groom’s Cake

Since the details of a wedding are mostly what the bride has envisioned for many years, incorporating a groom’s cake is a great way to include the groom and his interests. It is also a fun addition to the reception and the elegant décor for the evening. Inspiration for these cakes includes their hobbies, interests, profession and so much more.


The décor for the reception is just as important as the venue because it will appear in many photos and the wedding video. The décor for the evening should portray the couple and their style. It should be elegant, warm, inviting and should set a relaxing mood for all to enjoy. The options for décor are really endless, but keeping a budget in mind is highly advised.

Planning a wedding is a lot of fun and the options are limitless. A couple can be as creative or traditional when it comes to their big day. They can invite as much or as little people as they would like in attendance. Getting married is a once in a lifetime event, the couple should have everything that they would like to be a part of that day.


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