How to Correct Window Replacement Problems


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Window replacement Edmonton provides many benefits to your home, such as enhancing the entire appearance of the exterior, improving ventilation and energy efficiency. The replacement windows also allow natural light into your home.

Unfortunately, this comes with some little cost which you have to pay to enjoy all these. Over time windows are faced with problems that ruin the comfort and efficiency of your home, having negative impacts on your budget. Here are some problems you may find with your new windows and how to solve them. Window replacement Edmonton offers ideas that will work for most issues.

1. Ice on Windows

This is common during the winter when the temperatures drop below zero. The effect of this is that the ice can destroy the windows frame and also its finishes. Prolonged accumulation of ice can lead to mould growth.

To solve this problem:
● Repair any leaks on the pipes.
● Make sure there are no leaks on the gas appliances.
● Don’t over-water the plants. The water will evaporate and settle on the windows.
● Keep firewood outside. This reduces evaporation.
● Clean excess water vapour on the window panes.
● Warm your room overnight to discourage mould-build up.

2. Broken Tilt

Slider and double hung windows are usually operated by use of tilt pins. Since they are made of plastic with metal inside, sometimes they may break when tilted. When they break, the window sash may not be able to fit well in the rail.

● Buy new windows Edmonton pins. To install the new pins, you should get rid of the entire sash and the old pins.

3. Glass Failure

Most cracks on the windows are as a result of physical damage, but sometimes can be caused by excess pressure.
Broken glass can make your home less energy efficient since it allows seepage of air.

To solve this problem:

● Call your window contractor for window replacement Edmonton of the broken glass. If you have a warranty, the pressure damages may be covered by that, but damage as a result of improper handling of the window or object damage might need you to apply for an insurance claim.

4. Broken Lock

This is a major problem, especially with UPVC windows. It is the part that is used to open and close the door.

To solve this problem:
● You will need to call an expert for window replacement Edmonton. The installer will be able to replace the broken lock with a new one.

However, it is advisable to contact your window supplier and ask if the warranty can stand for that. You will also be able to get suitable replacement parts from the supplier.

5. Mould Growth

Mould can be dangerous if not addressed in advance. It is a health hazard.

If you notice mould growth:
● Clean the affected parts with a solution of warm water and dish detergent.
● Make sure your rooms are well ventilated to avoid re-occurrence.
● Seal all window leaks.
● Maintain the windows neat and dust free.


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