8 Awesome Addition to Your Car’s Accessories


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The ever improving automotive technology presents you with practical gizmos designed to make your rides safer, enjoyable and more comfortable than ever before. These car accessories are amazing and most of them are fitted in new car brands. However, you don’t have to buy a new car to enjoy the benefits that come with the latest automotive inventions. These car accessories can do literally anything from making a cup of coffee for you, regulating the interior temperature to detecting law enforcing radar hence enhancing your driving performance.

If you are planning to fit your car with practical yet cool accessories, search no more because this article presents you with 8 epic gadgets that you should consider this year. Experts at Caraudiologic insist you should get a value on whatever gadget you spend your money on starting from sprays, speakers, remote controls to simple Bluetooth transmitters. Some of these gadgets cost a fortune, be sure to check the shop you’re dealing with is a legit one.

GPS Tracker

Due to its numerous advantages, you should consider equipping your vehicle with this smart tech gadget. It connects to Android or iOS phone which enables you to know the exact location of your car. In case someone tries to move or steal your car, the gadget will send you a signal. It is more advantageous for parents trying to keep track of their children. If the idea of getting lost scares you, equip your car with a GPS tracker to make the search process easier and quicker.

Glass Breakers

No one likes thinking they will get involved in an accident, but being prepared is not a bad thing either. Mostly, car doors and seat belts tend to jam after an accident. Having a stinger at your disposal will help you shatter the car window or the windscreen in time giving you a getaway route. You can use a slim blade at the backside to slice a jammed belt.

A Dash Camera

Though it cannot protect you physically, a dash camera is a gadget that every car should have. The small camera is placed strategically to record videos throughout your journey. Basically, it starts recording when the car is started or in motion. In case of an accident or anything else, the video footage in the camera can be used to determine who’s responsible. If you are a fair time traveler, Dash-Cam is for you.

Car Jump Starter Kit

According to car experts, a car jump starter should top the list of must-have gizmos. Jumper cables are good, but when driving, especially in remote areas you can’t guarantee you’ll get someone to give your car a jump up in case your battery fails. It is important you take with you a jumper kit. It can be used as a backup power supply as it has USB ports and a flashlight.

Tire Monitoring System

A huge number of accidents happening on the roads are as a result of poorly pressurized tires. The monitoring system displays real-time pressure to the driver either through a picture, gauge or a simple warning. Apart from helping evade potential accidents, well-inflated tires wear out evenly, increasing the service period of the rubber and improves on the fuel efficiency.

Tile Mate

Being forgetful is a common phenomenon associated with human beings. A recent survey showed that forgetfulness cost people thousands of bucks over the course of their lifetimes. Unsurprisingly, car keys are among the most misplaced items. Due to this, Bluetooth has developed a tracking device to help you locate your key via an application in your smartphone. The tile mate is the best trackers available, light and you can use it on other components like your wallet or even the mobile phone.

Radar Detectors

This is an electronic device that is used to determine if your speed is being monitored by traffic police. The radar detector can differentiate waves coming from the law enforcement radar gun at a substantial distance, enabling you to slow down before being fined for speeding. If you need or love speed, then a radar detector is a cool gadget made for you and should consider adding it to your vehicle.

Bottle Jack

Though it will add no beauty to your car, this mechanical device will help you replace a flat tire or repair any part of your car when lifting is needed. Make sure you have one in the boot, especially if you like taking adventures in remote areas.

Smart tech gadgets are here to help us save money, live a freer life and away from danger. There are tons and tons of gizmos out there that you can add to your car which come at relatively low prices. For a memorable and enjoyable driving experience, equip your car with one or two of the above gadgets depending on your driving lifestyle.


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