How to Beat the Daily 9-5 Grind and Work for Yourself


Is the typical 9-5 working day a thing of the past? Not quite yet, but it could be on the way out. Thanks to modern technology and the fact that a lot of businesses exist online, people are now able to work from home much more easily than they had done in the past. This form of working is one the rise, and in 2019, one billion hours of freelancing are done each week in the USA. Tradespeople are also seeing the benefits of self-employment, and deciding their own hours. So how can people go about avoiding the traditional working week and earn their income independently?

Make Sure You Are Covered

The most important things to consider with any type of work are that you are legally able to do it, and that you are covered should anything go wrong. When you are working for a company, the employer handles that side of things, so first-time freelancers may not be aware of what they are required to do.

If you are a digital nomad and choose to work from a different country to the one you hail from, make sure you have a work permit and are paying the relevant tax authorities. For tradespeople who branch off on their own, having contractor insurance is imperative. This shows that you are a professional, and also gives you some protection if anything goes wrong.

Get Your Name Out There

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When working for yourself, it’s up to you to find jobs in order to earn a living. This is one of the hardest parts about going solo, because it can start off slow. Tradespeople need to get their name and contact details written in big vinyl letters on the side of their work vehicles. Likewise, freelance writers should try to get their articles seen by as many pairs of eyes as possible. Over time, more work will come to these people as they become better known in their respective industries. For people working online, there are numerous sites listing freelance jobs.

Join a Co-Working Space

Even though you’ve chosen to get away from the daily grind and traditional working hours, you still need to make sure you are motivated and get everything done. While working from home sounds like a dream scenario, there are many distractions around the house. That one episode of Netflix during lunch could turn into a whole series, and there is always the option of playing games without your boss peering over your shoulder.

A lot of computer-based workers are now finding that joining a co-working space is the best way to make sure work gets done. You can still set your own hours, but you will be around other people working which can help boost productivity.

Freelance work is the dream for many people who are tired of slogging away for a big company. Before starting, make sure you know the legalities about what you are doing. Work hard to get your name out there, and look into methods of staying productive.


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