Fabulous Ideas for Cutting Men Hairstyles for Thick Hair


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Do you have thick hair? If yes, you should consider yourself fortunate. This kind of hair is fantastic especially when it comes to styling. Most men with fine or thin hair try various ways to get thick hair since it is easy to style and there are many men hairstyles you can choose from.

There are different ways you can cut your thick hair always to appear glamorous and attractive. Here we have compiled some of the prettiest ideas for cutting men hairstyles for thick hair. Take a look and choose one for your next styling.

1. Cool Medium Hairstyles

If you have medium length thick manes, this is a great haircut for you to rock. To achieve this haircut, wash your hair and then blow dry it until it is subtly damp. Apply some balm on the damp hair evenly and brush it with a wide-toothed comb.

2. Undercut Hairstyles with Cool Design

This is a beautiful contemporary men hairstyle with thick hair. The hair is trimmed thick and then textured to make the look choppy. The hair at the sides is chopped short to create an undercut, and then a stunning design is included down to the skin. For finishing, blow dry your hair and then apply a holding mousse to keep the hair into place.

3. High Skin Fade and A Long Fringe

This is an excellent haircut for men with thick hair. The style incorporates s high fade and dishevelled bear, a long fringe and a stunning surgical section to create a contrast to both sides. To complete this look, blow dry your hair and then apply holing pomade or not.

4. Hairstyle for Thick Wavy Hair

This haircut features quiff style and super clean fade. Blow dryer is used to enhance volume to the rich wavy manes and hold pomade is them used to hold the waves.

5. Extended Style for Thick Hair

Some men like to grow out their hair and rock long hairstyles. If you are in that category, this is an ideal haircut for you. It incorporates clean shape, and high fade and some hair is maintained taller at the front.
It is a classic undercut considering that the hair on the sides is kept the same length and then faded very short. To keep the hair together use holding pomade after blow drying it.

6. Slicked Back Haircut for Thick Hair

This is a stunning men hairstyle for guys with thick hair. It resembles the extended style since it also has a high fade styled at the same length, but this one reveals a lot of skin. To get this look, start by blow-drying your hair and then scrunch it to achieve messy texture and volume. Divide the manes on the side to create the side part. Use holding mousse to maintain it in place.

7. Curly Quiff Haircut

A lovely short hairstyle for guys. The quiff haircut is a great hairstyle to style if you want to tame your curly hair. The bonus is that this haircut has a natural texture that enhances movement and dimensional for a natural flow.

8. Thick Hair Pomade Haircut and Bald Fade

A very tidy looking men hairstyle. This pompadour puts emphasis on the thick hair on the top and the bald fade at the low regions. To accomplish this look, blow dry your manes and then comb your hair up, to the sides and back. Utilise strong holding gel to hold the pomade in place. It is an exciting and cool look.

9. Short Textured Thick Haircut.

This is another new masterpiece textured men’s haircut for thick hair. This hairstyle incorporates bald fade, unkempt beard, and front flowing quiff. It is a great choice for men who like to maintain their hair short.
To achieve this beautiful look, blow dry your hair and then apply some pomade in it starting from the back to the front. This brings out the movement and dimension of your textured hair.

Photo by Ric Rodrigues from Pexels


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