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Do you love to travel? There is something about visiting a new place, seeing countries you have only read about, and socialising with the locals. If in 24 hours, you are going to be on a plane to Saudi Arabia and you are going to change three flights, then you may need some guidelines on how to travel in style. When you are flying for long hours, you want to wear comfortable but good-looking clothes, a car to drive you to the hotel, and high-quality hospitality services. You just want to feel good when you travel. Well, let’s dive right in this, here is how to travel in style, both for business and leisure.

Dress sharp

Your outfit is important because you want to arrive in style at your destination. Take time to decide what clothing items you will be wearing on your travel day. Even if you will fly for more than 12 hours to arrive in Saudi Arabia, it is not an excuse to wear sweatpants. You should wear a comfortable outfit without looking like a jogger. Your look has an essential role in sending a positive first impression. If you will dress sharp, you will notice that everyone will be friendly.

And do not have the misconception that dressing sharp means you will not feel comfortable. The choice of pieces, colours, and fabrics is the one that makes the difference. Edie Redmayne is an example to follow; he proves that a simple item like a jacket makes the difference in transforming your outfit from good to stylish. Take your jeans and sweater to the next level with a coat. When it comes to colours stick with neutrals, David Beckham looks stylish no matter what clothing pieces he combines because he has a simple rule, he wears only neutrals and classic cuts.

A+ transport

Fly private

If you travel regularly, you probably find airports to be a drag. Sometimes it may feel like an eternity waiting in an uncomfortable seat at your flight gate. There are few hacks that can help you move more quickly, but at the end of the day, the plane leaves the same hour and you have to wait for it to take off. However, you do not have to stick to airlines schedules many flight providers offer private jet memberships. Multiple companies have affordable prices and flexible services, you can fly in as little as an hour after booking. If you want to fly private, you do not have to buy your own jet.

If you plan your trip ahead, you can also early book your jet, it will get you better prices. Also, you can compare the offers different companies have before making reservations.

There will be times when you will have to travel on a commercial flight, make sure you choose the same airline you regularly use. If you collect mileage, you can access upgrades and extra benefits that will make your trip more convenient. Choose the lines that have a separate VIP security line, this way you will skip the airport lounge.


If you plan to spend some time in Saudi Arabia, it is advisable to rent a car because it will offer you freedom of movement. You will not have to wait for a taxi, you can explore the surroundings behind the wheel of a luxury vehicle whenever you want. Make your reservation with the help of the hotel you book, they can offer you recommendations on what provider to choose. Some of the hotels even offer discounts for the clients who rent a car from a company they recommend. The gentlemen who want to travel in style would always prefer to have a car that waits for them at the airport when they arrive, it allows them to control the situation. You want to have fun when travelling and a luxury car can make your next trip the best you ever had.

Premium accommodation

Booking a hotel room is one of the hardest decisions when planning a trip. You should splurge yourself in a premium hotel, you will benefit from the highest degree of comfort. All vacations end up with memories, and your accommodation will have a huge impact on how you feel. Do you want to stay in a tiny room? Or do you prefer a pampering bedroom in a five-star hotel? Do you want to know what a luxury hotel can offer? Let’s take the example of Shaza Makkah. Shaza Makkah is a premium accommodation facility that offers its clients thoughtful room design, handcrafted guest facilities, foot massage, and 24-hour exceptional room service.

Luxury hotels actually care about their client’s satisfaction. For example, if you decide to order French fries and they get cold to your room, the hotel not only that will replace the dish but will also offer the meal free to help you forget the inconvenience. You will feel like a royal when staying in a 5-star hotel, all the services are top-notch. From the concierge services, to the chauffer ones, everything is finely customised for you.

From the moment, you will enter the front door you will be greeted with respect and courtesy. You will come across Egyptian cotton sheets, huge chandeliers, large bathtubs, and sometimes a panoramic view of the city.

If you are an entrepreneur and travelling is part of your business, you will want to stay in a hotel that offers top security services. Luxury hotels do not compromise on safety and security, they put their clients’ interest first place, and they consider all aspects when establishing the standards. This will bring you peace of mind, especially if you travel with valuable data on your computer or expensive items in your bag.

Travelling is the best way to experience another culture, and nothing refines a man better than this. It does not matter if you are travelling to Saudi Arabia for business or to Italy for leisure, you want to always feel sophisticated. You are enjoying your life while tourists are fumbling with their cameras, and you do it in style.


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