How to Pick an RV Suited for the Family


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A kitchen to easily prepare your family’s meals, a shower to clean up after a long dusty journey and a soft bed to sleep on. These are just a few of the most important facilities a family RV should have. Being on the road with family is fun, but it can also be a challenge if your recreational vehicle cannot cater to your family’s needs. There are several different types of RVs that can be suitable for traveling families. Toy haulers, travel trailers, fifth wheelers, bus conversions, A-class and C-class motorhomes, and even campers can all be suitable for family use. But the type you choose should depend on your family needs and travel plans. Here is a guide on how to pick an RV suitable for a family of around 3 to 6 members.

1. Beds and other sleeping options

The first thing you must consider when getting an RV for your family is where you are going to sleep. Most RVs come with a single bed, but where are the rest of the family members going to sleep? You need to choose a vehicle that has more than just one sleeping option. You should choose an RV that has an extra 2 or 3 pre-made designated beds. But this will, of course, come at a higher cost. If you feel like you still need more sleeping space, you can as well use the sofa as a bed every night. Fold out chair beds are an added advantage of these vehicles, especially if you have regular visits from friends.

2. The bathroom and its accessories

The bathroom in the RV should cater for all your bathroom needs. It should have a well-functioning toilet, shower, and a sink. One bathroom is enough for a family, but if you’ve always maintained privacy between you and your kids, you should consider an RV with 2 bathrooms; one exclusively for you and your spouse and the other one for the rest of the family. You should also note that RVs have their own sewer systems. All the water and waste drains into a holding tank which must be emptied when full. Choose an RV with a bigger holding tank so that you spend less time emptying it.

3. The kitchen and dining accommodations

Feeding a family requires a fully equipped kitchen. Even when you are constantly on the road, you want to have your meals as you would at home. You need to choose a vehicle that can best mimic your home life. The kitchen in the RV needs to have at least two burners, a refrigerator, and a sink or basin.

When it comes to dining; if you choose a wrong RV, some of your family members may end up eating while standing. This is not fun,especially when you are on the road. Choose a vehicle that has a dining table that can fit all the family.

4. Electrical outlets

If you are going to have the whole family on board, then there is probably going to be a lot of electronic devices. This includes laptops, phones, tabs, and many others. You are going to need an RV with plenty of outlets and hookups to support all these devices.

With a lot of appliances and electronics on board, you will need to protect them against power surges, as seen on RV Expeditioners, surge protectors are very important for recreational vehicles and there are several different models and brands to choose from. You should choose an RV surge protector that can withstand all the electrical load in the vehicle.

5. Storage space

Since you are going to be with your family, there is going to be a lot of stuff on board. Choose an RV that has a large storage space to cater for all your family’s personal effects. There is no need for leaving important stuff back at home when you can be able to bring them along with the right vehicle.

RV travel is a great outdoor activity, offering the family a chance to spend quality time together. The vehicles offer you the freedom to go wherever you want whenever you want. But this freedom can be compromised if your family is not living comfortably in the vehicle. Use this guide to ensure you get the right RV for your family.


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