Reasons Why Visiting Las Vegas Is Still Worth Your Time


Caesar's Palaca Las Vegas

Millions of people from all over the world flock Las Vegas each year. To be exact, in 2018, Las Vegas received around 48 million visitors. With this number, there has to be a reason why millions of people are not avoiding a place called the sin city.

Numerous movies have already given you a glimpse of the life, particularly the nightlife, in Vegas. We have the Hangover trilogy, What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas, and even Viva Las Vegas to name a few.

If you’re into gambling or playing in casinos, bright lights, or having a blast with strangers then maybe Las Vegas is already on your list of places worth visiting. However, what if these are things that you don’t know if you’ll be into? Is it really worth traveling to this place?

Whatever your reason is as to why you think you should go to this infamous city, here are a few reasons why Las Vegas could turn out as a place worth visiting.

Vegas’ History

You probably thought this list will focus on how Vegas is great for gambling or partying. While those are just true, Las Vegas also carries an interesting history worth knowing about. It could be the actual history of the place or history of personalities.

A lot of entertainers, singers, artists, etc. made their name in this city and there are places here that you could visit to get a feel of how these people started. If Elvis can’t convince you to come just yet, then we don’t really know what else would.

Quality Entertainment

Speaking of Elvis, it’s safe to assume that he made the entertainment industry in Las Vegas more fascinating. Still, even if the King of Rock is no longer around to do live shows, the entertainment industry in this city still lives on.

You can witness many performances from musicians and artists in this place. There’s still Cirque de Soleil, Pen and Teller, and Celine Dion to name a few. Whatever it is that you’re craving to see, Las Vegas most likely has it for you.

One of those cities that never sleeps

Well, the truth is that Las Vegas only has towns that never sleeps, but isn’t the Las Vegas Strip or downtown make Las Vegas mostly THE Last Vegas? These towns make Las Vegas rarely dull and you may need a lot of energy to have the full Las Vegas experience.

The Casinos

You don’t have to be a professional gambler to enjoy a simple game at a casino. The casino USA accounts for billions of dollars when it comes to its economic contribution, so it’s not all bad. Plus, you don’t have to play all night to enjoy any games.

Come to a casino with a set budget and maybe find the most attractive slot machine if you don’t know how a game of poker or roulette works. This is still worth experiencing at some point in your visit to Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Strip

Since we already mentioned it, the Las Vegas Strip should definitely be a part of everyone’s list when visiting Las Vegas. This is one of the most famous streets in the world and going here is already an experience.

Sure, you can rent a car and drive around this place or ride one of those fancy tours to get to see the beauty of this street, but you most definitely should see this place with just your feet to see every corner of it.

Festivals and Sports Event

Popular festivals like I Heart Radio, Electric Daisy Carnival, and sports events like boxing and wrestling that even celebrities take the time to see are just a few things you can check out. When planning a trip to Vegas, make sure that you check for any festivities and events too.


Speaking of sports, Las Vegas is also getting more attention with its upcoming stadiums. The upcoming stadiums are the Las Vegas Ballpark, MSG Sphere at the Venetian, and the most popular Raider’s Stadium promise to add about 100,000 seating capacity in Las Vegas’ sports scene.

All these stadiums already made a name even before they open. The MSG Sphere is the first of its kind. Once it’s finished, it will basically look like a giant ball of light in the middle of Las Vegas. Raider’s Stadium is much awaited as it’s expected to boost sports tourism in this city. You can even watch this stadium’s construction online if you also can’t wait to see it.

All three stadiums are set to be fully open by 2021, so if you’re very interested in these to be finished, it will be worth the time to push your Vegas trip to that same year.


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