5 Wellness Trends That You Should Keep in Your Radar This Year


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It’s no secret that beginning of the year means setting fresh goals for a lot of people, especially when it comes to wellness. And with that motivation to live a healthier and better lifestyle comes all the trends that promise to help achieve this goal. But now that we’re almost halfway through the year, here are the five wellness trends that survived beyond the slump and are keeping a lot of people motivated to get better:

1. Mental health should be just as important as physical health.

For a long time, most people focused on getting physically healthy. They exercised regularly, ate healthy and underwent therapies to improve their health condition. But not a lot of people actually paid attention to mental health, which plays a huge role in achieving total wellness.

This year is different, however, because more people are now realizing the importance of finding ways to improve their mental health. Aside from therapy, there are many other ways to deal with the different challenges of life these days. For instance, those with anxiety can try using CBD oil that has been beneficial to many patients over the last few years. Websites like https://www.cbdcentral.com/ offer comprehensive guide to the benefits of CBD oil for anxiety, sleep disorder and other mental and health conditions.

2. Meal preps are making for people to eat better.

With most people living such busy lives, it’s getting harder to prepare healthy meals for the family. Takeouts have become a convenient option for many, but most foods offered in fastfood chains are not as healthy as home cooked meals. But in 2019, many households are already adapting meal preps.

Busy moms, for instance, prepare meals for the week ahead on Sundays to make sure that the family eats healthy every time. Overnight oats are great for breakfast and slow cooker meals are great for quick dinners. By discovering meal preps, more people are now eating better, healthier meals that they prepare themselves. This means that they know exactly what’s going in their food and they can save a lot of money while doing so.

3. A “less is more” attitude to wellness is better than trying to embrace it all.

With the world’s newfound love for wellness comes all the products that have been marketed well to help people achieve their wellness goals fast and easy. But the thing is, not all of them work and most importantly, not all of them will fit everyone. This is why 2019 is all about embracing a “less is more” attitude.

There is good reason Marie Kondo has risen in popularity this year with her excellent de-cluttering method, and it is because a lot of people are looking for ways to live simply and focus only on practices that really help them achieve wellness. This includes getting enough sleep, eating well and hydrating regularly.

4. Workouts are more diversified than ever.

Regular trips to the gym and doing the same routines have become boring even for the fitness buffs. This is why fitness industry frontrunners have learned to diversify workouts this year by following animal flow, which is a unique style of training that helps unleash one’s inner “human animal.” Instead of just one workout routine, fitness trainers are now combining different training methods to help improve flexibility and increase strength, all while controlling the stress load on the body.

5. Screen breaks have become necessary.

We all live in an age where most people are highly dependent on mobile devices like computers, mobile phones and tablets. But while these gadgets have been beneficial in so many ways, they are also keeping people way from enjoying the more important things in life.

This year, however, more people are making a conscious effort to take screen breaks every now and then. They set aside an hour or even an entire day away from their gadgets and really immerse themselves in other things like connecting with nature, spending time with the people they love or just calm their minds.

Journaling is also making a comeback these days with more people embracing the importance of writing down their thoughts on a real piece of paper instead of just typing them on a computer.

2019 is definitely a year of wellness, which is why it is the best time to start achieving those wellness goals now. These trends have survived the first few months of the year and for sure, will last beyond it because of all the benefits they bring.


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