In the Running – A Jogger’s Guide to Workout Gear


woman jogging at sunset

Everyone has known someone who has started running with the best intentions and then found themselves in pain from different ailments. What these ailments all tend to have in common is the wrong workout gear. Running, especially on hard surfaces, can be taxing on your body if you don’t have the right gear. With so many options out there, it can tough to decipher what gear is right for you. If you have started running recently and find yourself lost in a world of shoes, shirts and even headbands, then use these simple tips to getting the right workout gear.

Feet are everything

It is no surprise that when it comes to running, jogging or any form of physical exercise involving movement, the feet are the key. Finding the right running shoes is crucial to success, longevity and hitting your fitness goals. Wearing the wrong running shoes can lead to foot, ankle and shin problems. The right shoes however will have you feeling like you are running on a cloud. Look out for critical things like arch and heel support, shoe width and the type of material the core is made of. Running shoes that are made from stiff or unyielding material could cause significant issues on hard surfaces like a road or concrete. Do your research and find the right shoe for your foot.

Wick it away

When it comes to finding the right gear to wear on the upper body for running, the answer is clear, moisture wicking clothing. Most of the major sports brands offer these variations now which makes finding options that much easier. The benefit of moisture wicking clothing is that it directs your sweat away from hot spots. That means you won’t overheat in certain areas or be weighed down by soaking wet clothes. This technology also allows for faster drying time, so on long distance runs you can rest assured the shirt will feel as light as it did when you ran out the front door.

Hydrate on the go

Most long distance runners will tell you that slowing down or stopping for a drink simply isn’t an option. Times will be impacted, not to mention momentum. One of the best solution to this problem is the water backpack or bladder. This piece of gear allows you to take water and fluids with you and rehydrate whenever you need, at whatever pace you are travelling. Fitting either under or over your clothing, these running bladders allow runners the chance to keep hydrated without the hassle of having to stop or try and drink from a paper cup that is bouncing up and down. The simplicity of this piece of gear is its biggest strength. A bladder full of water, or whatever liquid you like, and a long straw stretching to your collarbone is all it needs to get the job done.

Smart tech

Depending on your enthusiasm for running, you may want to go high tech and track your progress. Pedometers are now using smart technology to track heart rates, steps, inclines, splits and more. If you are serious about making progress and becoming a running specialist, consider getting yourself a piece of gear that will give you all the insights you need.

Running is one of the simplest form of exercise, that can be done all wrong if you don’t have the right gear. Injuries and other consequences can be very real with the wrong workout gear. Shoes and clothes are key, with technology now offering even an amateur runner an edge. If you are taking up running, use these tips to make sure you look the part from the start line.


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