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No matter what the budget is there is sure to be something that appeals in tech and electronics. From the more expensive to gadgets that cost only pounds, most men appreciate some sort of electronic gadget.

For those with multiple devices there can sometimes be some arguing over who unplugged whose charger because their smartphone is more important. Well the Avantree charging station is made up out of 4USB ports and charges twice as fast. Coming with a 2-year warranty this is one device that is going to be popular amongst the whole household.

Nowadays we take multiple devices on holiday with us and whenever we travel one of the messier aspects is basic cable management. You know when you try to find something in your travel bag and come out with a handful of cables? Well, the BAGSMART Electronics Cable Organiser sorts out that problem in no time organising all of the chargers, spare cables, connectors and so on making cable management simple.

This might not be the most exotic of gifts but it certainly is one of the more useful. Made from water-repellent nylon with a two-way zipper closure and semi-flexible covers the BAGSMART costs under £20 to buy.

Another organiser is the EATPOW Electronic Kit and its ranked among the best for housing cell phone accessories with the EATPOW Luxury Business Gift Set a must have for those that are constantly on the go. There is nothing worse than running out of battery life just by checking emails, and well before running out of data, especially when you are just about to get a bingo bonus and use it to play on one of the great sites that have gone mobile in the last few years.

With so many people now playing at online casino, sports betting and bingo sites running out of battery life can be annoying so this nifty package that contains a wireless mouse, earphones, USB cables, and remote power access is perfect. Costing under £40 makes this game saver a really good deal.

The MERGE Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone and Android is a great gift that is compatible with any phone device which simply slides into the front holder. Made of a soft material makes sure that there is no scratching to the users face when worn for longer periods. The headset is also light which means it does not pull on the neck. Costing under £25 this headset is a cheaper option and has access to many 360-degre videos. Perfect for those that do not want to go to the expense of buying a full VR kit.


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