3 Tips Everyone Should Know Before Visiting Las Vegas


Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas

Situated in the Mojave Desert, Las Vegas is famous around the world for its vibrant star-studded nightlife, incredible 24/7 casino resorts and awe-inspiring hotels. Visitors travel from all over the world just to spend a weekend on The Strip or in the Downtown area, with almost 39 million individuals visiting the city in 2018 alone.

With so many people visiting the city, and give that you’ve chosen to read this article, chances are you yourself will be arriving in Las Vegas at some point in the future. Well, whether you’re going there to have a mild vacation or a wild adventure, here are four tips everyone should know before visiting Las Vegas.

Those world-famous destinations may be further apart than you think

When we see pictures of Las Vegas or hear people’s holiday stories, it seems as though all the big hotels, casinos and shows are neatly seated right next to each other. Alas, this is not the case. For example, even though the Bellagio and the MGM Grand appear to be near to each other, even a single block in Las Vegas could wipe you out: the entire Strip is four miles long.

And remember, these buildings are huge! So despite how close together they may be, you’re still having to walk quite a distance from one to the other. So, before you set off on your journey, take a look at Google Maps to see the true distance you’ll end up having to walk. The reality may mean hailing down a cab or looking for the nearest monorail stop.

Don’t be a noob when it comes to gambling

Whether you’re new to card games, slots or even bingo we recommend you get some practice in before heading into the casinos of Las Vegas, as chances are they’ll be completely different to anything you’ve experienced before.

The easiest way to practise is to hop on the web and try out online casinos before you go. It’s simple to sign up to a platform and recommended that you find one with games you like. Alternatively, you could be a little savvier – and a little more “Vegas” – and prepare by signing up to exclusive services like Club Royale. Luxury services like this have a much more authentic feel, with plenty of games to practise on as well as rewards for your efforts.

Another option is to take some gambling lessons when you arrive in the city. This is something that many casinos offer: short classes that cover all the basics you need to know, to let you get off to a flying start.

Never go to a restaurant between 6-8pm

In a city packed full of locals, visitors from around North America, and tourists from pretty much every country on Earth, you can imagine how busy restaurants, cafes and diners become in the evening. By far the most popular dinner times are between 6-8pm when everyone seems to head out for the evening meal.

At that time in the evening, you’d be lucky to find a buffet that doesn’t have a queue stretching almost as far as The Strip itself. Instead, aim to head out either between 5-5.30pm or 8.30-9pm, or book in advance with Open Table if you simply can’t go out to eat at either end of peak time.

It’s easy to get swept up in the fun of Las Vegas but as long as you remember these three simple tips you’re sure to have a great time. Our final tip is simply to take as many photographs as possible, as there’s nothing quite like Las Vegas and you’re sure to see some beautiful sites that you’ll want to hold dear and remember for the rest of your life.


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