How Dating Is Changing in the Modern Day


man and woman on a date in a bar

It’s clear that the act of going out on dates has changed a lot in recent years. With the advent of online dating and new attitudes regarding dates, the fact is that dating has definitely changed. As a man or woman, you are going to find out that there are some differences that have come about in recent years. We’re going to count down some of the biggest changes to dating in the modern day.

Couples Are More Open about Their Desires

One thing that you are going to find when you start dating people is that they are a lot more open about the experiences that they want to have. Don’t be surprised if you are dating a girl and she wants to take the lead when it comes to getting into bed. Don’t even be surprised if you find out that she wants you to go to and start looking for another girl to bring in to have fun with your couple. It’s a new world and the old rules definitely don’t apply.

Dates Are Happening Faster Than Ever

Another way that dating is changing in the modern day is that dates are happening faster than ever. In the past, you had to wait at least three days before a call back and then you had to wait until the weekend to go out. Now, you can be attached to your date all day, every day if you choose. There are no communication guidelines; you just talk when you feel like it. In some ways, it might come off odd but in most cases it is a great way to find out about your potential love.

Online Dates Help You Find Local People

Online dating sites used to be a place that people went when they were trying to find any date. Now, using GPS technology, you can find people that are so close that you could date them in person the same day you match on the site. That means dating sites are now both a facilitator of dates as well as a host of them. You’ll find local people on dating sites easier and faster than most other methods.

You Can Date Several People at a Single Time

In the past, it was tough to juggle multiple relationships. Even if you aren’t exclusive with a woman or man, you had simple logistical problems like finding the time and money. Now, with the help of online dating sites, you can date as many people as you want. You just have to make sure that you aren’t crossing lines and sending the wrong messages to the wrong people. It’s a great way of finding your most compatible match.

It’s Alright to go Dutch

In the past, the guy paid. In the modern day, more and more people are willing to “Go Dutch” and split the cost of the meals. That means you aren’t going to have to foot the cost of every date you go out on, which is a nice change of pace and really echoes the equality vibes in present-day dating. All in all, there are some great changes to look forward to in dating.

All in all, dating is changing a great deal in the modern world. More and more people are open about their desires and aren’t afraid to go out to find people. Online dating is bringing people together near and far, and more people are treating dates as equals instead of the guy always being on the hook. With all these things in mind, you can definitely start dating with full confidence and have a great time finding dates in the modern world.


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