Montréal’s Trendiest Restaurants in 2019


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If Montréal is known for one thing above all else, it is the quantity and quality of amazing restaurants you can find throughout the city. Ranging from comfort-food lovers to high-end culinary experiences, there is truly an option for every kind of foodie.

Because of the overwhelming number of choices, it can be quite difficult to know where to go for your next meal in this eclectic city. Here are Montréal native, Sandro Carbone’s picks for 2019’s trendiest Montréal restaurants.


Looking for affordable, delicious and simple Italian food? Sandro Carbone highly suggests this Villeray location. With a warm and homey atmosphere, Moccione provides an upscale and elegant atmosphere that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Moccione’s menu is run by Luca Cianciulli, the former sous-chef at the popular restaurant Toqué. At this location, you’ll find authentic Italian fare that is quite affordable!

The dishes here are simple and delicious, ranging from beef carpaccio to buttery gnocchi. To put the cherry on top, they also have a fantastic assortment of wines.


Located in Plateau Mont-Royal, Clairon provides authentic local dishes made only from local farm ingredients. What is interesting about this location is the creative twists the owners put on traditional dishes while staying loyal to the ingredients.

Traditional Québécois cuisine is usually abundant with fatty foods and cheese, which the owners wanted to step away from in order to bring a more refined approach to local ingredients. Clairon patrons will also have a wide selection of beverages to choose from, including all-organic wines, Québec-made apple brandy, and other local liquors.


Combine the love of authentic Japanese Izakaya cuisine and Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill, and you get Hanzo. With a playful decor inspired by the film’s Crazy 88 scene, Hanzo offers delicious and flavorful Izakaya dishes such as Tako Caré Don, Dashi Nasu, Gyoza, Katsuo Tataki, and more. This restaurant is located in the heart of Old Montréal and has a stunning terrace available in the summer. You can also get Japanese beers, sakes, and satisfying cocktails.


LOV is a must for any vegan or vegetarian looking for a fine dining experience. Every dish is carefully crafted from the freshest available ingredients, and it shows. The wine and beers available are also organic!

LOV now has three locations in Old Montréal, downtown, and even in Laval. Sandro Carbone describes LOV as bright and airy restaurant with decor that feels cozy yet sleek.

Brasserie Harricana

Montreal is home to many craft beer restaurants, and this is just the latest addition. However, it is definitely worth your time according to Sandro Carbone.

You will get to choose from 10-20 unique beers that are brewed directly on site, as well as an impressive selection of craft beers and ciders and imported drinks. Fun fact – this brewery partnered with Mutek this year to make a limited-edition pale ale made from Québec hops especially for the event.

However, this location is not just for beer lovers – foodies can expect to be pleased with a delicious selection of meats, burgers, sandwiches, and roasted veggies. They even offer a beer and cheese plate!


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