Very Safe Indoor Sports


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Cold winters can be tough on sports enthusiasts. They want to be outside enjoying their favorite past time, but the weather conditions have other ideas. Snow, wind and frigid temperatures can make spending even a few minutes outside of the home unbearable.

For those who have been feeling cooped up indoors, there are solutions to cure the winter blues. There are plenty of sports and games that you can play safely at home. All it takes are a few supplies, a little creativity and maybe a little furniture rearranging. You can still have fun in comfort without having to worry about the weather.

Here are just some of the 100% safe indoor sports that you can play:

Ping pong

Tennis enthusiasts enjoy playing outdoors on open courts. When that’s not an option, ping pong is a suitable alternative. Tables are easy to set up and you can play almost anywhere. It takes a bit of skill and practice, but after a while, you should be able to return serves as a pro. It’s a fun sport that people of all ages and athletic abilities can easily learn and master.

Indoor golf

Golfers can practice their swing and technique at any time of the year. You can find an indoor golf simulator and practice areas in most large cities near you. Many of them are often reserved for birthdays, anniversaries or groups of family members and friends who want to get in a good workout despite cold weather conditions.


Basketball can be played anytime anywhere. Most courts are indoors anyway. If you want to practice your skills at home, set up a hoop with a plastic or foam ball so that you can experiment with your jump shot or free throw abilities. For younger children, you can make up basketball games using balloons and a hoop or basket. Try to see who scores the most buckets in a certain amount of time.

Weight lifting and strength training

Most athletic workouts can also be performed indoors. You can get a good workout in at your local gym or fitness center, or you can also get your exercise at home using free weights, a bench press, treadmill or other exercise machines. It’s easy to get in some reps or run a few laps while you’re waiting for the laundry to finish.


If you have a pool in your area, take the opportunity to swim a few laps for some essential exercise during the winter doldrums. You can take your kids and make it a family event. They can wade in the shallow end or practice laps along with you. Relaxing in the hot tub afterward can make a busy day at the pool very worthwhile.

Field hockey

When the weather is too cold for hockey outdoors, you can always take the game indoors. All you need is some plastic hockey sticks and pucks, a goalie net and a room to play, such as a basement or garage. Make sure that you play safe and avoid hitting any fragile objects. You may want to move TVs and other electronics out of that room so that you can concentrate on enjoying your game. Play safe, and you’ll have hours of fun.

These are just some of the many safe indoor sports that you can participate in. Just remember to play carefully and be mindful of other people, pets and objects in the room. A rainy or snowy day doesn’t have to be boring. You can still have a lot of fun if you just put your mind to it!


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