Tips for Maintaining Vinyl Floors at Home


chairs and table on vinyl floow

Vinyl floors are durable and high-quality, however like any other type of flooring, they also need proper maintenance. If you want your vinyl wood flooring to last a long time you need to work hard to maintain its look after installation. Here are some tips to help you.

Use a doormat

By using a doormat, you help keep out dust and dirt. When people enter your house, they might bring lots of dust with them in which you can prevent happening with a doormat. Apart from dust, people could also bring chemicals with them that could damage the vinyl so therefore having a doormat is extremely useful.

Regularly sweep the floor

The good thing about using vinyl is that you can sweep the floor to keep the dust away and it doesn’t take much time either. You do need to do it frequently though, especially if your house has heavy foot traffic quite often due to parties and family gatherings etc. You can place a soft broom near the area with the vinyl floor so that anyone in the house can sweep the dust off if it starts to accumulate.

Use shampoo to remove chemicals

Sometimes, the chemicals you use on your face and hair can stick to the vinyl floor and if you start walking around, you will feel how dirty it is. Removing such chemicals is easy as long as you use shampoo. We recommend putting it in a spray bottle, mix it with water, spray the mixture on the affected area and then mopping it for maximum effect.

Do not use harsh chemicals

You need to resist the urge to use harsh chemicals for cleaning the floor, as the majority of the time a soft broom should be enough; you can also use a vacuum cleaner if sweeping does not suffice. If there are strong chemicals and stains, you can use warm water with a mop to remove these stains gently.

Rinse well

If you used soap or shampoo to clean a vinyl floor, you need to rinse it gently. The soap scum left behind if you fail to rinse the floor properly could collect dirt, and it negates your effort to clean the floor. You can use two mops when cleaning; a wet mop with the soap mixture and a dry one for rinsing.

Gently move furniture

Do not move furniture if it does not have a form of protection underneath, since you might damage the vinyl. You can buy a piece of plywood sheeting to move the furniture around your house quickly, as this helps protect both the furniture and the floor.

The good thing when you choose vinyl floors is that they are easy to maintain. When you compare this type with other options like carpets, you will spend less time cleaning vinyl – carpets might even require professionals to clean them to avoid damage.

Find high-quality vinyl and install it in your house. Whether you use it in your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, you will not go wrong with this type of flooring.


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