Why Team Building is Essential for the Success of Your Team


team of office workers around a table

Whether you manage a large business with hundreds of employees, a small one with fifty or fewer workers or something in-between, it’s important to have a team of employees who work well together. A unified team of people can add to the bottom line of your company while helping you maintain a staff of qualified, happy employees. Checkout a few reasons why team building is essential for the success of your team.

Better Communication Leads to Creative Ideas

A team building activity such as a volunteer project gives employees the chance to get to know one another in a more relaxed setting outside of the office. For instance, if the team chips in to help build a home for a low-income family, employees can chat while they are hammering in nails, painting walls and tackling other parts of the project. Employees who get to know each other exchange ideas more freely and this easy communication can be used to inject more creativity into work projects. Oftentimes, when employees participate in team building projects, they find out they have a lot in common with one another. This brings them closer together making them feel like they are more of a group with a common purpose instead of a gathering of individuals.

Employees Feel Valued by the Company

Some team building events include rewards and prizes for teams of employees who excel at an activity. A reward may be a gift card, tickets to an event, a cash prize or another valuable item. The fun of competing for a prize is part of why many employees enjoy team building activities. But, winning a valuable prize can make them feel like the company is invested in making them feel welcome and appreciated.

Maintain Good Morale

A regular schedule of team building activities contributes to the good morale of the employees at a company. Maintaining good morale makes employees want to show up for work and do their best in whatever task or project they are assigned. For instance, the team building activity may be a sports or cooking competition. Teams of employees must work together to figure out the best way to win the competition. These activities stir up fun and can lead to strong friendships between employees. Not surprisingly, liking their co-workers is one of the top reasons why employees stay with a company. They like the camaraderie and feeling of being a part of something. Friendly competitions that can be talked and laughed about for weeks adds to a light, positive atmosphere within a company. Companies and businesses have a valuable resource in a good employee. Contact a company like Cozymeal if you need help planning all the aspects of an awesome team building cooking event. Cozymeal has locations all along the West Coast in Seattle, San Francisco, LA and San Diego.

Attract Quality Employees

Word about a company’s excellent team building exercises can get around quickly within an industry or even outside it. Sometimes the volunteer activities of a company can make the local or even national news. A person who is looking to make a move to another company or who is just starting out in an industry may take note of the team building activities of a certain business. This can lead them to apply for a position there. A company can use its team building activities as a way to attract even more qualified employees to become permanent members of their team.

Lastly, these are just a sampling of the reasons why team building is essential for the success of your team. Creative, well-planned activities can set your company or business apart from the crowd in your industry.


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